Writing Effective Blog Headlines in 7 Steps

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Writing Effective Blog Headlines in 7 Steps

Effective blog writing is a great way to attract new clients to your business. Just like with any publication, your main components are your headline, and your copy. 

A great headline on your blog post can be the compelling force that will provoke a prospective reader into a customer.

Having the skill to be a great headline writer is critical to the ultimate success of your blog. Here are a few quick tips, 7 to be exact, on creating blog headlines that draw readers to your blog like flies to day old dog poop on a summer night.

Clearly writing a great title to your blog will help determine how many people will ultimately read your great article.

1. Be Clear

It is great to be clever in your title, but sometimes a smart, catchy title can confuse a reader. Your potential readers are looking for information to help them accomplish something.

Make it clear that you are an expert in whatever field your are writing about, and be sure your article will supply them with what they need.

Side-Note: There is nothing worse than those infamous bloggers out there who write attractive titles only to mislead you to a horrid and irrelevant blog. Do yourself a favor and refrain from being a but-her-face blogger.

2. Keep It Short

People just don’t have large attention spans today; this is sad, but it's a cold-hard fact. If your title is too wordy or drawn out, it has potential to drive readers away immediately.

The window of time from when the reader begins reading the title, to the point when they either keep scrolling or click the article, is only a fraction of a second (This is due to the fact that the human brain reads several words ahead of it processing those words.)  

A long title can bounce their attention rather than converting them into a reader and possible email subscriber. Keep your title to 60-70 characters if possible; this will lower your chances of 'scroll-bys.'

3. Target Keywords

Using relevant keywords in your articles' title is a great idea to help you make your topic understandable to your reader and to the search engines.

This is becoming harder and harder to accomplish as Google updates it's search algorithms and keyword planner tool, as insights on keywords are no longer available to us marketers.

There are loop holes around this, and by having a google Adwords account, you can still plan your keyword campaign, you just won't have in-depth insights. 

4. Let Your Passion Show

In everything you do in life, especially in regards to blogging, being passionate allows you to perform better. Love what you do, and it will naturally show through in your work. There is a great sales concept that smiling while talking to a prospect allows the person on the other line to 'hear your smile.'

This also applies to writing. You need to write in such a way that the reader can 'see your passion.'  Now, you have some of the basic ideas for writing a blog headline, here are some further techniques you can use to attract more readers to your blog via the headline alone.

Having fun with your writing and experimenting will allow you to decide which of the following might work for your blog headlines.

5. Solve a Problem in Numbers

Most people searching the internet today are looking for a way to solve a problem. If you can relate your title to a commonly faced dilemma in your industry, more people are going to read it. One way to enhance this is by adding numbers to your titles.

For example:

6. Ask a Great Question

Asking a great open ended question in your blog headline can draw a reader in. Not only will they want to read your answer, but they may be more likely to comment and leave their answer as well.

The more engagement you can have with a reader the better chance there is to turn them into a client.

7. Be Controversial or Sensational

One of the best ways to write a possible viral blog is by implementing a modern and edgy topic into your blog post headline.

People already have a passion for or against most controversial subjects in the world today, so writing about them while taking a stance is a great way to attract the beasts!

Side-note: While you want to be edgy and controversial, it is important to choose your topics and word choices wisely so that you do not automatically offend at least half the people reading your blog post. 

Bottom Line

Remember that writing a great blog post headline is a part of the process of becoming a great blogger. When we say process, we mean process; it takes time to become effective at writing great headlines.

The point is that you only get one chance to make a first impression with a reader; your blog title is most often that introduction to a reader.

Remember that it is paramount to provide great content in order to keep your reader coming back again and again. 


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