Wondering How To Rock Your Sales Strategy? A 7-Step Plan

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Wondering How To Rock Your Sales Strategy? A 7-Step Plan

Want to create a sales strategy that WORKS?

  1. Raise your rates and margins.
  2. Know how to talk the marketing talk.
  3. Be a creative salesperson.
  4. Sell more services.
  5. Give your sales team better leads.
  6. Use a sales cadence.
  7. Have a strategy for responding to sales objections.

Most business don’t stumble into success – especially when it comes to sales. It requires great persistence, a healthy dose of preparation and a rock-solid sales strategy.

If you feel like your sales team (of 1 person or more) has been lagging and you’re having trouble closing deals, finding good leads, or you’re unsure how to respond to objections raised by your prospects, you’ll find some helpful information in the following articles.

There’s enough great information here to get out of any sales rut you’re stuck in! And to build a solid sales strategy for your business.

1. How To Raise Your Rates And Margins TODAY


One way to increase your margins is to charge more for products and services.

This article gives you an inside look at the massive impact raising rates had for Flight Media – and how it can work for you, too.

We’ll show you the difference between cost-based pricing vs. value-based pricing and give you two rules to follow: Believe in the quality and value you deliver and master your confidence.


Read more about how you too can increase your margins by 25%!

Or check out the slideshow for an overview of how to raise your rates.

2. 41 Sales and Marketing Terms Every Business Owner Should Know


Appearing as if you don’t know what you’re talking about is never a good thing!

It certainly isn’t the impression you want to leave with prospects or coworkers. You have to know how to talk the talk.

This article provides a handy list to the sales and marketing words and phrases you need to know to keep yourself from looking like a newbie.

You’ll be able to speak with confidence – and that could make all the difference.

Get a handle on the sales and marketing terms you need to know with the full article.

3. Get Creative With Your Sales

Did you know there’s a way to banish the image of the sleazy salesperson?


You can actually have fun and come out of the process as the good guy – when you play your cards right.

This article shares three important lessons in how to creatively reach your prospects and have great success.

The lessons include: Tailoring your sales tactics to each potential customer, remembering that a small investment can reap big returns, and more! Definitely important aspects you want to include in your sales strategy.

Read more about the value of sales creativity.

4. A 3-Step Process for Selling More Services (Parts 1, 2 & 3)


Who doesn’t want to close more deals?

We all do, but there are pesky roadblocks that get in the way.

Good news: There is a light at the end of the tunnel!


The process outlined in this three-part series of articles can help you overcome those frustrating hindrances to success.

  • The first article deals with discovery calls and how to find out the most important info you need right off the bat.
  • The next two articles get into the nitty-gritty of the exploratory phase and closing the deal.

You don’t want to miss this series on how you can sell more services. Start reading part 1 in the sales strategy series here.

5. How to Give Your Sales Team Better Leads

Your marketing and sales teams need to work together in order to garner the best leads.

This article highlights what that looks like in terms of communication, including meeting regularly and learning from each other.

You may be surprised by the results you see when these two integral departments begin to get on the same page and work in tandem.

Read more about improving the leads your sales team is getting.

6. What a Sales Cadence Is and Why You Need One

Many salespeople aren’t familiar with the term “sales cadence.”

The quick explanation is that it’s a sequence of sales activities that you follow for certain leads.

But that isn’t even the tip of the iceberg!

The full article thoroughly explains the elements of a sales cadence, lays out exactly why you need one, and tells you how to track them.

Finally, the article walks you through several sales cadences you need in your arsenal.

Read much more about the value of having a sales cadence – a significant piece of the sales strategy puzzle.

7. 3 Common Sales Objections During Prospecting (And How to Respond)

Have you heard statements like, “We don’t have the budget for it,” “We’re already working with someone,” or the all-too-common, “Maybe later”?

When it comes to prospecting, you probably feel like you’ve heard every excuse in the book.

This article gives you the tools you need to combat those objections, be persistent and make the sale.


Read more about how to respond to sales objections and close the deal.

What is your biggest challenge when it comes to building your sales strategies and closing deals?

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