Why Your Keynote Speaker Income Is Capped And How To Dig Yourself Out Of The Hole

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Why Your Keynote Speaker Income Is Capped And How To Dig Yourself Out Of The Hole

Why Your Keynote Speaker Income Is Capped and How to Dig Yourself Out of the Hole

  • Why your income is capped.
  • Build a passive income stream.
  • Case study of one speaking client who flourished with a customized marketing strategy.

Let’s face it.

There’s a BIG elephant in the keynote speaking world that no one wants to talk about.

Here’s what the typical motivational speaking career trajectory looks like:

  • If you’re just starting out, you’re pounding the pavement just trying to GET speaking engagements.
  • Then, you get some momentum, your calendar starts to fill up, and you shift for your focus to increasing your speaking fee.
  • Next, perhaps you focus on selling more books.
  • Or leveraging your exposure to book workshops or advising/consulting.

No matter where you fall on this spectrum, a cold, hard reality becomes apparent at some point.

The truth is, if you’re trading time for dollars, you will eventually hit a very real revenue ceiling.


Your speaking income is definitely capped, and if you’ve “arrived” in your illustrious speaking career and you’re very busy, you’ve probably already recognized this problem.

We’ve got a solution to help you uncap your revenue potential, and it has to do with a very unique marketing strategy for keynote speakers.

Why Your Income Is Capped

The bottom line is, you have a finite number of minutes in the day, hours in the month, and days in the year to speak at events.

But it’s not just the time limit that compounds the problem.

It’s the travel. Catching flights. Missing flights. Losing bags.

Making travel plans. The whirlwind of being in a different city every few days.

The uncertainty of your hotel (I KNOW you’ve stayed in one-too-many crappy hotel rooms!)

Being without your family.

The loneliness.

The constant struggle of getting more speaking engagements, or increasing your speaking fee – and competing with bigger and bigger brands.

We could go on.

The Secret Sauce: Keynote Speaker Marketing Strategy

Wouldn’t it be nice to look up a few years from now and have your time back AND reach your  revenue goals and realize the growth you know is within your reach?

The answer is: You need to build a passive income stream.

That’s what we do for our clients, keynote speakers like you. We build customized marketing strategies.

We help them get OFF the hamster wheel of traveling and landing speaking engagements.

In fact, here’s a story about one of our clients (he’ll remain nameless here. But reach out if you want his name and number to get a reference). He was doing pretty well on his own, handling his marketing, sales and web design.

But when he connected with Flight Media, we crafted a customized plan for his speaking business and helped him with real revenue growth. He essentially uncapped his speaking business potential.

The case study outlines how he quickly increased requests to speak by 600% in just three months. But we also helped this motivational speaker maximize his revenue streams.

He now has content that engages prospects at all stages of the buying funnel. He’s constantly growing his email list, increasing products in his shop, and adding digital courses to his website.


In short, he’s got it going on!

His content is working for him while he sleeps, and yes, he still travels to speak and conduct workshops.

But because of his investment with a marketing agency that specializes in working with keynote speakers, he’s established a strong foundation to grow his revenue even more  – and he can pull back from speaking if he wants.

Are you interested in making the same investment in your career? A marketing partnership may be just the ticket to breaking through your revenue potential and blasting the cap off your income.

In what area do you struggling most when it comes to driving revenue?

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