Why Keynote Speakers Need Marketing Pros in Their Corner

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Why Keynote Speakers Need Marketing Pros in Their Corner


Why Speakers Need Marketing Pros in Their Corner

  1. Time.
  2. Increase your revenue.
  3. Expertise.
  4. Maximizing your efforts.

As a keynote speaker, you probably live or die by the fee you charge, right?

It doesn’t have to be this way.

In fact, you shouldn’t try to rise to the top, scoring the biggest speaking engagements you can find.

Does this sound like heresy?

Well, it is. At least if you listen to conventional wisdom.

But times, they are a changin’. And you have to keep up with them.

Here’s a look at why you need a marketing pro in your corner  – not JUST higher-paying speaking engagements.

1. Time

You only have so much time in the day.

That means you can only give X number of speeches each year. That’s the reason why so many motivational speakers work toward one elusive goal: Getting paid more per speech.

Now, we’re not saying that you shouldn’t try to get paid as much as you can for every speech.

But you shouldn’t be thinking that this is your only and primary form of revenue.

Case in point:

There are 365 days in the year. If you want to have some semblance of a personal life, you need some time for family and friends. If you’re traveling all week long, that leaves only weekends. You can only sustain a schedule full of constant travel and speaking for so long.

Weekends aside, and the occasional week day at home, that leaves approximately 261 days in the year  – excluding ONLY weekends.

If you set aside 1.5 travel days and are in a particular location for a speech for 1.5 days  – let’s throw in 1.5 days to prepare your material, do research, etc. – that means you can give 58 speeches in a year.

Assuming you can get booked 58 times :) and your rate is just $5,000 per speech, your revenue potential for the year is $290,000.

That’s impressive. But imagine how tiring that kind of schedule will be?

With a marketing agency working with you, you could travel less, give fewer speeches, and have a manageable life.

Your marketing pro could do things like revamp your website to better capture RFPs, manage your social media profiles to increase brand awareness, and create an ecommerce shop on your website to better sell your products.

2. Increase Your Revenue

Taking the above scenario, let’s say you could be choosier about which speeches you give, knocking your revenue down by half: $145,000.

By working with your agency partner, you could develop a digital course and a Mastermind. Components that essentially run themselves, once you do the work to create them.

Let’s say your digital course is $1,000 and your marketing agency sets up a sales funnel to convert just 10 people every month. That’s $120,000 in revenue each year  – without you having to lift a finger! (And it will continue to bring in revenue every year.)

Let’s continue to run with this scenario. Perhaps your Mastermind group happens 2 times per year and costs $10,000.

Assuming you converted just 10 people per month, over the course of the year, that group would bring in $1,200,000.

You could never build these marketing components on your own. You don’t have the time, what with all the preparation, travel and speeches.

But your marketing agency can build these assets, run them behind the scenes, and help your revenue grow from:

$290,000 – on your own, doing a ton of work.


$1,320,000 – with a marketing pro.

Let’s pause for a moment.

You’re making 7 figures.


How many speeches would you have to give? Maybe 1 per month?

What would your overall lifestyle look like? More time with family? Outings with friends? Travel to places where you do more than go from the airport to the hotel to the convention center?

This is where a marketing partnership makes things really exciting!

3. Expertise

Your expertise is valuable.

But you probably don’t have the marketing expertise  – or let’s face it, the TIME – to build an email funnel.

Or create an ecommerce store.

Or manage social media.

Or even build a digital course!

By capitalizing on your partnership with a marketing agency, you can put all of the great material speech material to better use. And let your marketing pro do the rest.

4. Maximizing Your Efforts

Let’s say you have some marketing and technology expertise and you’re ready to devote time to building a course of Mastermind group.

You can definitely make some progress toward building a digital presence and marketing strategy.

But it will most likely be very slow going.

And you’ve have to find time for these projects while you’re traveling and speaking.

Partnering with a marketing agency is like throwing fuel on the fire.

Oh, and saving you from the headaches of learning how to create a website (why bother?) or populating your store with digital products.

Overwhelmed already?

With a marketing pro on your side, you can maximize your efforts and focus on what you’re good at. You can leave the rest to the experts!

Final Thoughts

Are you ready to leave your travel miles behind? Do you want to switch your focus from trying to book more speaking engagements? And fighting with your competitors over those higher-paying events?

Get off that hamster wheel!

Consider partnering with a marketing agency to ramp up your speaking business, increase revenue, and get your life back!

Have you focused on booking higher-paying speaking engagements? What big dreams can you come up with if you had a marketing partner by your side? Share in the comments below!

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