Why Email Marketing Works for Keynote Speakers

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Why Email Marketing Works for Keynote Speakers

Why Email Marketing Works for Keynote Speakers

  1. People on your email list want to hear from you.
  2. No algorithm can bring you down.
  3. You’re not paying for this audience.

As a keynote speaker, your website needs to be top notch.

Your social media needs to be rockin’ it.

But both of these elements are vulnerable to the whims of random algorithm changes.

That means your carefully-crafted website can tank and your social media posts can start to get lost in the shuffle.

Not cool.

That’s why email marketing should be your bread and butter, your main squeeze, your ride or die.

Let’s jump right into the thick of why email marketing works and why it’s a vital part of a great marketing strategy for keynote speakers.

How Email Marketing Works

It’s not complicated – promise.

Here’s how it looks in the real world:

John Doe has been looking for a keynote speaker to headline a leadership training event he’s planning.

He does an internet search and lands on your website’s home page.

Mr. Doe likes the look of your website and the clear, concise language on the page.

You’re offering a free ebook with information that’s exactly what he’s looking for.

He wants to learn more, so he fills out the email opt-in form and gets his free ebook download.

Now, you have his name and email address and it’s automatically added to your email list in your CRM.

John Doe will begin getting messages from you that are targeted toward leadership training.

These actions build trust and connection, and eventually, build the foundation for Mr. Doe to hire you for his next event.

Benefits Of Email Marketing For Keynote Speakers

As a keynote speaker, email marketing creates opportunities for you to extend your reach beyond speaking.

Take a look at some of the advantages a solid email marketing campaign has to offer.

  • Targeting. You can segment your email list based on factors like:
    • Who has stopped by your website.
    • Who has paid for one of your digital products.
    • Who has heard you speak and about which topics.
    • Their industry.
  • Boosting your brand. Every email you send is exposing your audience to you and your brand. Staying top-of-mind is important. A perfectly timed, relevant email removes the guesswork for John Doe: He’s ready to buy your product or book you for his next event.
  • Analytics. You need data to measure the success of your campaign. Email marketing gives you insight into the interests and behaviors of your audience. You can use this information to determine what they’re responding to so you can further tailor your strategy.

Why Email Marketing Works

Email marketing is a unique and reliable way to generate revenue, especially from something other than your speaking engagements.

Here’s what you need to know.

1. People On Your Email List Want To Hear From You

At some point in time, this group of people has expressed interest in what you have to offer, whether it’s hearing you speak or finding out about your digital products, etc.

2. No Algorithm Can Bring You Down

You can rest assured that your message will get through to your audience.

The only thing that can thwart your efforts to reach people is if they make the choice to unsubscribe.

3. You’re Not Paying For This Audience

People sign up because they want to find out more about you or your message has already resonated with them.

Final Thoughts

As a keynote speaker, it’s important for you to understand how essential email marketing is to your success.

Whether your goal is to speak more, build recurring revenue, have more impact – or all three – give email marketing the attention it deserves.

What has been holding you back from putting enough effort into email marketing?

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