What Is a Buyer Persona and How Will It Benefit Your Keynote Speaking Business?

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What Is a Buyer Persona and How Will It Benefit Your Keynote Speaking Business?

What Is a Buyer Persona and How Will It Benefit Your Keynote Speaking Business?

  • What a buyer persona is.
  • Why you need a buyer persona.
  • Researching your buyer persona.

As a keynote speaker, your message probably isn’t one-size-fits-all.

You have a niche – an area of expertise and it’s not relevant to everyone.

Finding “your people” is crucial to the success of your speaking business.

Whether your goal is to get more speaking engagements, build recurring revenue, grow your impact – or all three – you have to pinpoint the audience that’s most receptive to your message.

The better you know your buyers, the better aligned your marketing and sales strategies will be.

A buyer persona is the answer.

Let’s take a look at what a buyer persona is and why it’s an important piece of a marketing strategy for keynote speakers.

What Is A Buyer Persona?

A buyer persona is a fictionalized representation of your ideal customer(s).

This characterization is based on market research as well as data about your existing customers, like how they use your products and services, their motivations and goals, demographics and behavior patterns.

The descriptions of these buyers represent different market segments. A buyer persona is all about personalizing your marketing message to attract the right prospects.

Why You Need Buyer Personas

Attracting people isn’t enough. You need to attract the right kinds of people.

That’s what a buyer persona does.

Take a look at the reasons why you need buyer personas.

1. They Are Essential To An Inbound Marketing Strategy

Remember, your buyer personas are potential customers.

They’re the people you’re trying to attract, convert, close and delight.

They are the reason you have a website and the reason you create valuable content.

2. You’ll Get Better Quality Sales Leads

You need to understand what your ideal customer is interested in, what type of content they respond to and where they go to find it.

This information allows you to target the right people at the right time and place.

Use what you’ve learned to personally connect with your ideal buyers through lead-nurturing email campaigns.

Ultimately, you’ll land higher-quality leads who may turn into better customers.

3. Guide New Product And Services Development

When you know what your ideal customer wants, you can create solutions.

This also puts you in a better position to retain customers in the future as you develop products and services that adapt to their changing needs.

4. Buyer Personas Show That You’re Customer-Centric

Developing a buyer persona and using it to create content shows your audience that you’re making an effort to meet their needs and provide solutions for their problems.

Even if they aren’t currently interested in buying a product or booking you for an event immediately, you’re creating a feeling of goodwill toward your brand and puts you in a great position for the future, when they are ready to pull the trigger.

5. They Give You A Leg Up On The Competition

Your efforts to truly understand your potential buyers sets you apart from your competitors who aren’t taking the time that’s required to do so.

Researching Your Buyer Persona

There are a few ways to gather the information you need about your potential customers in order to create a buyer persona.

Check these sources for information:

  • Industry articles.
  • Your current customers, via an online survey or personal interview.
  • Analytics from your website, such as how your customers find you and what websites they have come from.
  • Keyword research to find out what words your buyers use when they’re searching.
  • Other speakers who aren’t in competition with you may be willing to share their own buyer persona information.

Final Thoughts

Getting inside the heads of your ideal buyers and uncovering their motivations and goals gives you the opportunity to align your marketing efforts with their unique needs.

Buyer persona creation helps you to target the people who will most benefit from your message.

This focused strategy is a key component in helping you reach the goals you have for your keynote speaking business.

What is missing from your knowledge about your buyer persona that’s hurting your revenue?

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