Are You Still Wasting Money on Marketing Without Anything to Show for It?

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Are You Still Wasting Money on Marketing Without Anything to Show for It?

Your time is precious – and so is your money.

There’s nothing worse than spending more on marketing and getting nothing in return. A marketing strategy that doesn’t work is a failed effort.

Marketing ROI is a MUST.

To have the most success in your business, you need to be familiar with the resources and tools that can save you time and generally improve your methods.

The following articles provide valuable information about how to use chatbots to your advantage, make sure you’re answering your buyers’ pain points when you’re speaking to them, set marketing goals for the new year, and know when it’s time to put an inbound marketing agency to work for you.

You know, stuff that will help you have more than enough to show for your marketing efforts. Sit back, relax and learn something new!

How To Align Your Marketing Strategies To Your Buyers (For Speakers)

Chances are, you wouldn’t be asked to speak at any kind of an event if you weren’t an authority in your field. Knowing a lot on a given topic won’t get you very far, however, if you don’t know how to market to the people to whom you’re speaking.

This article gives you the information you need to fill the gap between what you know about your audience and how to market to them  – a key component to an effective marketing strategy.

You’ll find out how to keep the focus on your prospect’s needs and how you can speak to their pain points. You’ll be one step ahead when you figure out how your buyers think, feel and act.

Read more about aligning your marketing strategies to the needs of your buyers.

5 Reasons Chatbots Should Be Part Of Your Marketing Strategy

Are you envisioning a robot rolling around the office, offering to do your bidding?


That’s not quite what chatbots are designed for. They can actually do a lot to boost your business  – and your marketing ROI.

This article lays out five ways you should be using them, including the unique experience they provide for customers and customized product recommendations.


You’ll also learn how chatbots provide an additional channel for sales, how you can use them for your weekly updates and how to invigorate your email marketing efforts.

A chatbot can’t bring you a hot drink, but it can really take your business success to the next level.

Read more about why chatbots should be a part of your marketing strategy.

11 Marketing Goals For Creating A Rockin’ Strategy To Kick-Off The New Year

Are you a New-Year’s-Resolution-maker? There’s something about a fresh, untouched year that makes you feel ambitious.

You can start your marketing strategy afresh, any time of year,


In this blog, you’ll discover the 11 goals that you should set for your new year of marketing and find out which tips, pointers and links to learn so you can get the ball rolling.

The list includes things like email marketing, LinkedIn, video, blogging, and a whole lot more that you don’t want to miss.

Get out your pen and paper (or device) and start adding these goals – when the end of this new year rolls around, you’ll be amazed at how far you’ve come.

Read more about the 11 marketing goals you should work toward in the new year.

19 Ways To Know If You’re Ready To Hire An Inbound Marketing Agency [Infographic]

It can be tricky to determine if you’re ready to hire an inbound marketing agency after you’ve been handling things on your own.

You may not want to feel like you’re throwing in the towel on your own efforts, but the truth is needing some help is a good thing.

Choosing the right marketing partner can pretty much guarantee marketing ROI as well.


This article/infographic gives you 19 ways to know if it’s time to hire an agency to take over your marketing tasks. For example, do you have a buyer persona? Are your conversion rates low?

These and many other indicators are ways to know you need some back up.

Read more about how to know if you’re ready for an inbound marketing agency.

Which area of marketing do you KNOW you’re wasting money on?

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