Top 8 Most Astonishing Women In Digital Marketing

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Top 8 Most Astonishing Women In Digital Marketing

Becoming a leader in the digital marketing world can be quite difficult.

Sadly (while we all would love to think otherwise,) because of cultural mindsets and practiced behaviors, this can sometimes be a little more difficult for women.

That being said, there are still countless warrior-like women who fight their way to the top of the corporate ladder, and some who just build their own ladder.

Pay attention to these top 8 women who are crushing the digital marketing world!

1. Melanie Deziel

women in digital marketing, melanie deziel

Melanie Deziel is a Brand Storytelling Keynote Speaker and the founder of StoryFuel, which helps companies define and implement their brand storytelling strategy.

StoryFuel’s mission is to empower brands to tell better stories and to teach marketers to think like journalists.

Melanie has appeared on more than 30 podcasts and travels the world giving keynotes and facilitating workshops.

You can follow Melanie and StoryFuel on Instagram (, on the web at, or on Twitter (@storyfuel_co).

2. Pamela Vaughan

women in digital marketing, pamela vaughan

Pamela has been at the helm of the Hubspot Blog for more than a decade – with great success.

One of Pamela’s claims to fame is her concept of historical optimization, which increased organic leads and search traffic for the HubSpot blog by more than 200%.

You can follow her on Twitter at @pamelump.

3. Rhea Drysdale

women in digital marketing, rhea drysdale

As the CEO of Outspoken Media, Rhea Drysdale is an SEO guru and the driving force behind Outspoken's streamlining marketing tactics.

If you’re a digital marketer yourself, you may have recognized the name from her public speaking at notable conferences, such as Search Marketing Expo, Social Media Breakfast, PubCon, etc.

Rhea used to write content for Search Engine Journal – featured in the SEO Bible.

It’s obvious that her efforts in life go beyond her digital marketing strategies, as she is a Board Member of Vanderheyden Hall – a youth, individual and family service agency in New York State.

You can follow Rhea on Instagram (@rheadrysdale) or on Twitter (@rhea).

4. Ann Handley

women in digital marketing, ann handley

Ann is probably one of the most recognizable names on this list.

She’s the Chief Content Officer for Marketing Profs, a notable marketing firm that provides unparalleled content and tools for digital marketers.

Handley has 16+ years of digital marketing experience and loves to write about innovative strategies to market businesses.

Her creativity shines in a book she co-authored: “Content Rules: How to Create Killer Blogs, Podcasts, Videos, Ebooks, Webinars (and more) That Engage Customers and Ignite Your Business”

If those credentials are not enough to prove her astounding expertise, she is also the co-founder of, an interactive marketing news and commentary site.

You can follow Ann on Twitter at @marketingprofs, on Instagram (@ann_handley), or visit her website,

5. Sonia Simone

women in digital marketing, sonia simone

Most of you know her as the co-founder of Copyblogger, which just so happens to be one of the most notable content marketing blogs on the web.

Sonia has an extensive background in developing small businesses and is well versed in the corporate world. Now, she's focusing on helping content writers become "fiercely creative and insanely productive."

If you haven't had a chance to watch a few of her videos or read some of her content, I would highly recommend it. Sonia rode the wave of the advancing digital marketing world, and her unique ideas are now at the forefront of the social media world.

Follow Sonia at @soniasimone on Twitter.

6. Mari Smith

women in digital marketing, mari smith

Mari is one of Forbes' Top Ten Social Media Influencers, and is an expert in Facebook marketing.

She’s the author of The New Relationship Marketing and the co-author of Facebook Marketing: An Hour a Day.

In addition to being a Facebook marketing guru, Mari also does corporate training and consulting, she's a seasoned keynote speaker, and she's a passionate brand ambassador and influence marketer.

You can check out Mari's website, on Instagram (@mari_smith), or, of course, follow her on Facebook. (She's actually known as the "Queen of Facebook!)

7. Purna Virji

women in digital marketing, purna virji

Purna earns her spot on the list by being named "the most influential person in PPC" by PPCHero magazine.

And with good reason.

She’s a specialist in SEM and SEO, she frequently gives keynotes across the globe, and she’s the Senior Manager of Global Engagement at Microsoft.

You can find Purna Virji on Twitter at @purnavirji.

8. Veronica Gentili

women in digital marketing, veronica gentili

Veronica is a leading web marketer in Italy. 

Her expertise lies with Facebook marketing and she has the title to prove it: Facebook Marketing Expert for both Hootsuite and AdEspresso.

Plus, she has a couple books to her credit, as well. She has authored Facebook Marketing Strategies and Tactics for Business and Professionals (now in its 5th printing), and Facebook Marketing Plan, which just so happens to be a best seller on Amazon.

You can find Veronica on Twitter at @nishachittal, on the web here, or on Instagram (@veronicagenti).

Final Thoughts On Women In Digital Marketing

As time goes on, it’s getting easier for women to make a mark in every industry – especially digital marketing.

What has traditionally been a male-dominated slowly but surely becoming full of straight-up Girl Power.

It’s a wise idea to throw the doors wide open and welcome the diversity and unique perspective women bring to digital marketing.

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