Top 10 Marketing Reads for Keynote Speakers

March 5, 2018

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Top 10 Marketing Reads for Keynote Speakers

As a keynote speaker, you know what it’s like to put your nose to the grindstone.

Day in and day out, you’ve got to do what it takes to provide for your family and keep your business going.

People are relying on you, and time is tight.

We’ve gathered the best resources in this article to help you learn is as little time as possible how to market yourself, build your personal brand and much more.

All steps you need to take to increase revenue and sustain your keynote speaking business.

So dive in!


The 5 Steps to Marketing Yourself as a Speaker

You’re ready to go.

Your topic is locked down, you know what you’re going to say (relevant hilarious jokes included)  and you’re ready to take the stage and drop some knowledge.

Your inbox should be blowing up by now, but it’s dreadfully quiet.

What’s the deal?

You need to promote yourself. Like crazy.

Learn the five steps to get yourself on the road to keynote speaking success and your empty inbox will be a distant memory.

Read more about the preparation, packaging and promotion that will help you to position yourself as a coveted keynote speaker.


7 Keys to Success for Speakers

Your desire to make money as a keynote speaker isn’t enough to get you consistent bookings.

You can’t “want” your way into a speaking career.

As you’re working to market yourself, consider the principles in this article as a part of your preparation.

You’ll learn the importance of having a “Speaker ID,” developing your “Expertise,” putting together a “Killer Presentation” and much more.

If you’re serious about being a desired keynote speaker, lay the right foundation for success.

Read more about the seven keys to success for speakers and be prepared for the bookings to start rolling in.


10 Social Media Tips for Professional Speakers

If you want to be a professional keynote speaker, you have to create a social media presence for yourself that strikes the right balance.

It’s easy to put too much effort into social media – or not enough.

Use these tips as a guide to managing your social media accounts to their maximum benefit for your speaking brand. For example:

  • Have you considered linking to one of your speeches on YouTube?
  • What about the ideal length of social media posts?

You’ll learn more about these and many other helpful tips that will assist you in maximizing the benefits of your social media accounts.

Read more to get 10 social media tips for professional keynote speakers.


Keynote Speakers: Here’s How to Duplicate Yourself (Without Hiring an Employee)

There’s only so much time in a day to work on your speaking and writing.

Since you can’t clone yourself, you have to find creative ways to up your productivity in other areas.

This article gives you tips for automating your sales and marketing processes, freeing up more time for you to work on writing, speaking and growing your keynote brand.

Read more about getting more time in your schedule to concentrate on the speaking and writing aspects of your career.


Launching Your First Digital Product? Focus on These 5 Activities

Are you ready to market yourself as a keynote speaker?

The web is full of ideas, but you have to do more than just read about them.

Taking action might be daunting, but you’ll never get beyond wishing and dreaming if you don’t.

There are five activities you can do to start off on the right foot, including things like creating an email list with an autoresponder, growing your network and more.

Put these ideas into action and start booking speaking gigs.

Read more about the five activities that can help you launch your keynote speaking career.


What Meeting Planners and Organizers WISH Speakers Understood

Being a keynote speaker is a whole lot more than just showing up and delivering a crowd-rousing speech.

If you want to be a desired speaker, you have to be invested in the entire process.

Working together with the planners and organizers before the speaking engagement and offering follow-up materials after can make all the difference in your success.

Read more about what it takes to become a sought-after keynote speaker.


10 Sell-Yourself Strategies for Speakers

As a keynote speaker, sometimes it’s best to sell yourself and other times you should put the focus on your topic.

Speaking pro Patricia Fripp says to put the focus on YOU most of the time unless you’re speaking about a truly hot topic.

She shares 10 ways to sell yourself, gleaned from her experiences.

For example, show that you’re sincerely interested in your audience by mingling with them and striking up conversations before you speak.

Fripp also advises you to create a website that’s full of useful information and make sure you mention it to your audience as a FREE resource.

Read more of the 10 strategies for selling yourself as a keynote speaker.


Public Speakers Need a Personal Brand. Here’s How to Build Yours.

Your online reputation is the crux of your professional persona.

If your desire is to grow your career as a keynote speaker, you have to be intentional about crafting your personal brand.

Following five steps can get you there.

These include: Reflect, define, create, connect and evolve.

Here, you’ll learn actionable tips for each step along the way.

The result is a personal brand that will increase your opportunities for speaking and propel your keynote career forward.

Read more about the steps for creating your personal brand.

4 Ways to Market Yourself as a Speaker

Your fledgling career as a keynote speaker won’t get off the ground without the right strategies.

This article focuses on four ways to grow your visibility and set you on the path to success.

You’ll learn how to narrow down topics that target specific audiences, market yourself, fashion a great website and how to think strategically.

Getting where you want to be in your keynote speaking career isn’t a cakewalk, but having the right help can make all the difference.

Read more about the four strategies for marketing yourself as a speaker.


Create Multiple Streams of Income as a Speaker [Podcast]

Unless you’re really lucky (like, lucky enough that you should start playing the lottery), your keynote speaking career will need a boost to get you into the next level of amazingness.

You’ll probably need some alternative sources of income as you work toward building your brand and landing speaking gigs.

This podcast by the “Resource Queen” Mary Joyce, shares tips like how to create multiple streams of income using your existing services and products and more.

Take a listen and find out how to create multiple streams of income as you build your keynote speaking career.

Which of these strategies will you put at the top of your to-do list?

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