Top 10 Marketing Reads For Busy Business Owners

May 21, 2019

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Top 10 Marketing Reads For Busy Business Owners

Maximize Your Content Marketing Efforts

  1. Master social media for businesses and entrepreneurs
  2. Business blogging data from 1,000 bloggers
  3. Enterprise social media strategies for professionals
  4. Lead-generating success
  5. How to write a high-converting sales page
  6. Evolving SEO strategies
  7. What one professional learned from 5 years in inbound marketing
  8. The secret to successful content marketing is to have a strategy
  9. Strategies to replace outdated content marketing tactics
  10. Use lists effectively in your blog posts

You’re going for glory – not mediocrity – which means you have to be on top of the most recent methods and strategies in each area of your marketing efforts.

This group of articles gives you valuable, practical tips for managing social media and employing blogging tactics that really work, along with the latest in content marketing.


Get out your Evernote and start reading!

1. 8 Tips to Quickly Master Social Media for Businesses & Entrepreneurs

“What makes for truly good social media content?”

It’s a question frequently asked by businesses who are trying to maximize the impact of their social media efforts.  

In this article, you’ll learn eight great tips to employ in your social media strategy.

For example, why you need to make a commitment and a plan, how you should show off your brand and why you should experiment with video marketing.

There’s a whole lot more to learn, too!

Read more about mastering your business’ social media accounts.

2. Does Business Blogging Still Get Results? New Data from 1,000 bloggers [Infographic]

Whenever you’re investing effort into a task, you want to make sure that it’s worth it.

You don’t want anyone on your team wasting time on something – like blogging – that’s not providing a good return.

Check out the data to see how blogging is faring, what kind of blogging you should be focusing on, and much more valuable information to guide your efforts.

Read more about getting results from blogging.

3. Enterprise Social Media: Strategic Ideas for Professionals

If you’re a professional in a large organization, you know that your social media strategies are going to look quite a bit different than those of a small business.

Your focus should be on building community and engaging your audience through your social media accounts.


You’ll get a wealth of ideas on topics like team collaboration and successfully managing your team, creating a positive brand experience and collecting data.

If you have questions about enterprise social media, they’ll be answered here.

Read more about strategic ideas for your social media game plan.

4. How to Turn Your Lead-Generating from Zero to Hero [VIDEO]

Chances are, your lead-generating strategies need an update, especially if you’re seeking that holy grail of sales – lots of leads, leads who want to hear what you’re offering and leads who are ready to buy.

There are six tips in this blog that can get you on the path to lead-generating success.

For example, using numbers when you’re sharing your success stories, giving away free offers and being transparent about the strategies that have worked for you.

Of course, there are three more hot tips – but you’ll need to watch the video to find out!


Watch the video about boosting your lead-generating efforts.

5. How to Write a Sales Page That Converts Like Crazy

You already know how it important it is to get conversions from your sales page, though you might need a little help in getting there.

In this article, you’ll get 19 actionable tips to write a sales page that’s super successful.

After reading through this valuable advice and putting the strategies into action, you’ll be noticing results in no time!


Read more about getting the most conversions from your sales page.

6. Why Today’s SEO Experts Will Evolve or Go Extinct

Despite what some may say, SEO isn’t dead, but the strategies used need to evolve in order to keep up.


The answer lies in content strategy and adjusting yours in order to keep up with Google’s ever-changing algorithms.

Google’s latest shift is to behave more like a human reader, meaning your content strategy should be focused on writing for the reader, not the search engine.

Read more about why SEO experts need to evolve.

7. 5 Years in the Inbound Marketing World: What I’ve Learned

Find out what one marketer professional learned throughout her first five years working in the biz – and why she plans to stay with the inbound methodology.

Here’s a hint: You should always be learning and you need to love what you’re doing.

Read what else this inbound marketer learned and how it can impact your career.

8. The Secret to Successful Content Marketing Is Having a Strategy, So Get One

It’s a good idea to periodically reevaluate certain practices and strategies – and decide what’s working, what isn’t and what you may need to revamp.

If you want to be successful (who doesn’t?), you have to have an action plan.

You’ll learn four tips here that will make your content marketing rock.

For example, a shift in the way you think about mobile is going to be necessary.

Read more about how to make a strategy for content marketing.

9. 5 Outdated Content Marketing Tactics (And What to Do Instead)

What’s hot and what’s not in the content marketing world changes at the speed of light.


Okay, not that fast, but pretty close.

It can be hard to keep up, but you have to if you want to remain relevant to your audience – or they’ll quickly become someone else’s audience.

If you’re using any of the five tactics outlined in this reading, it’s time for updated strategies.

Don’t worry – you’ll also learn what you should be doing instead.

Read more about how to give your content marketing tactics an upgrade.

10. How to Use Lists Effectively in Your Blog Posts

Today’s online readers are skimmers.


They’re scanning the page in an attempt to get the gist of the article.

This is why lists are such a great tactic to use in your blog posts.

They draw the reader’s eye and break up the text, making it easily skimmable.

There are different types of lists, too.

In some situations, an ordered list makes the most sense, while in another post an unordered bullet list is more effective.

Learning how to use lists to your advantage will make your blog posts easier to read, meaning it’s more likely that it will be read.

Read more about the best way to use lists in your blog posts.

Which of these articles made you shout, “Yes!! This is just what I needed!”?

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