Top 10 Marketing Reads (August Staff Picks)

September 12, 2017

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Top 10 Marketing Reads (August Staff Picks)

As summer is winding down (or grinding to a startling halt?!) it may be a good time to readjust your vision and take a fresh look at some of your processes.

Taking the time to get some new inspiration might be just the thing to get you motivated and excited about what you do.

Find out about the email marketing metrics that matter, how to avoid common marketing mistakes and a whole lot more.

  1. How to Become the World’s #1 Expert in Your Niche

    It doesn’t happen overnight. Neil Patel recognizes that, in a world of self-recognized experts, you have to do something to make yourself stand out. The key is to cultivate authority and credibility  –  and he shares his take on how that can be done. You can accelerate the process of becoming an expert in your niche by finding what you’re passionate about and then be all in.

    It’s imperative that you never stop learning and that you build a hub that gives you an outlet to position yourself as an authority in your niche. Patel also suggests that building relationships with other influencers in your field lends you credibility and will encourage your own audience to take you more seriously. Finally, he recommends taking full advantage of the question-and-answer site, Quora, to impart your knowledge and gain followers.

    Read more about Neil Patel’s advice for becoming an expert in your niche.

  2. 20 Smart Ways to Generate More Leads for Your Business

    “Those with the most leads win.” It’s simple math, really. The key to creating a successful business is to get as many leads as you can. This article gives you practical ways to do just that. One of the best ways to produce leads is to hit social media hard. Answer questions on Quora, comment on blogs, publish articles on LinkedIn and be intentional with Twitter. Be a smart marketer and take advantage of automated marketing apps and balance your inbound and outbound approaches. Get your name out there by writing guest blogs that are full of informative content. Leads equal revenue for your business.

    Read more about these and additional effective ways to generate leads.

  3. The Only 4 Email Marketing Metrics That Matter

    Do you know how to determine the effectiveness of your email campaigns? This article takes an in-depth look at four email marketing metrics that you should be tracking for every email that you send  –  deliverability, open rate, click-through rate and disengagement rate. You’ll also learn about the two different types of email – broadcast and automated – and why the distinction is important. The article delves into the reasons why you need to own your own email marketing metrics and how you can benchmark your progress. Using these four metrics will ensure that you are able to create and maintain campaigns that are effective.

    Read much more about the four metrics and how they can increase your marketing success.

  4. How to Get 58% More Leads on Instagram

    This article lets you in on the best methods for harnessing the marketing power of Instagram. The potential is there – you just have to know how to use it. Flight Media CEO Josh Coffy shares how learning to use Instagram to its fullest revolutionized lead generation and earned a greater number of followers for our company. He outlines the reasons that Instagram can be great for your business and shares the steps he took to increase his Instagram activity. Everything you need to change up your Instagram routine is in this informative article.

    Read more about the steps and get a sneak peek of what’s next for Flight Media on Instagram.

  5. Pricing Psychology: 7 Clever Tweaks To Make Customers Buy Again

    One of the biggest goals that most businesses have is to gain the loyalty of their customers. Did you know that one of the factors that come into play is the psychological aspect of pricing? This article explains how pricing affects the short- and long-term success of your business and shares some tips and tricks that will encourage customers to keep coming back. You’ll learn about why a “Buy now, pay later” philosophy works, as well as the power of tweaking payment frequency.

    Read more about how a few small changes can add up to greater customer retention.

  6. Why You Should Kill Gated Content Once and for All

    Gated content is on its way out. The way people shop today is very different than it used to be. The whole buying process has gone through a transition due in large part to the multiple devices that are being used. This article discusses the reasons gated content is a fading dinosaur and what tactics you should be focusing your efforts on. Strategies like brand recognition, real-time messaging, social retargeting and trip wires will keep you up-to-date and drive success.

    Read more about how you can put these fresh tactics to work for you.

  7. 6 Quick & Dirty SEO Research Tips for B2B Content Planning

    Savvy marketers know that the content they’re churning out needs to not only appeal to people but to search engines, as well. The problem is that time is often an issue  –  besides the fact that many content creators don’t feel they have the right tools or expertise to be as effective as they could be. In this article, you’ll learn some research tips that will give you some guidance as you plan your SEO content. You’re going to hear about how to perform incognito searches for your most important keywords and the best way to use the Google Adwords Keyword Planner tool. You’ll also get some tips on smart ways to make your social media use effectively.

    Read more about the quick and dirty SEO research tips you need.

  8. 6 Ways Selling to Inbound Leads is Different from Outbound Leads

    If you’re a marketer – or even a salesperson – and you’re treating inbound leads the same way as outbound leads, you may be seeing a lag in your deal progression and close rates. This article delves into six strategies that will be helpful to you, including maintaining a consistent sales story, effectively using questioning and avoiding selling through email. Because educated buyers don’t have the need for a traditional salesperson approach, you’ll need to shift into the role of advisor.

    Read more about the differences in selling to inbound and outbound leads.

  9. Are You Making the Most Common Marketing Mistake?

    In this article, Jay Baer answers some of the most pressing questions facing marketers today. He also addresses the most common marketing mistake: “My customers are just too busy.” Baer dissects why this isn’t the actual problem and gives advice on how to combat that myth. Other relevant questions that he answers concern things like handling customer complaints, improving overall customer experience and the importance of the alignment of your marketing and sales teams.

    Read more about Jay Baer’s solutions to these and other pressing issues.

  10. How to Pick Keywords: The Easy Way to Find Low-Hanging Fruit

    When the fate of your business could be hanging on a few words, choosing those words can be a little bit intimidating. That’s how important keywords are. In this article, you’ll find out what makes a strong keyword (Hint: think user intent and long-tail keywords). The author also digs into the nitty-gritty of how to pick strong keywords. All too often, business owners don’t give SEO the attention and priority it deserves. This article also shares a tool that can help you streamline your keyword-choosing process, saving you time without sacrificing your success.

    Read more about this method for choosing strong keywords.

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