Top 10 Inbound Marketing Reads (May Staff Picks)

May 30, 2017

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Top 10 Inbound Marketing Reads (May Staff Picks)

The month of May is a time of rebirth.

If you need to give your marketing a new direction or just get more bang for your money, these top inbound marketing reads are for you!

Learn how to better promote your book, stick with your marketing plan, manage marketing expectations, drive social media, get more clients and more!

Let’s dive right in.

1. How to Promote a Book: 8 Lessons from Bestsellers

promote-a-book Source: WordStream

Book marketing has changed  –  a lot  –  in the past few years.

If you’re unsure of how to market your new book, Wordstream has great advice on how to navigate these unchartered waters. They recommend targeting a niche audience, instead of releasing arrows everywhere.

The article also outlines how to take advantage of the Halo Effect, test your headline, find your most devoted audience, and more!

2. The No. 1 Reason Companies Give up on Inbound Marketing (and How to Stick with It)

inbound-growth Source: LyntonWeb

Have you given inbound marketing a shot, and been disappointed with the results?

That’s no reason to throw in the towel. Inbound results don’t happen overnight. Sure, you can get some quick wins, but the whole enchilada takes time.

But that’s the great thing about inbound marketing: It lets you try a few strategies, gather data, and then make adjustments based on that information to improve.

And the process keeps repeating until you really find what works. That’s the kind of strategy that will carry your business far.

This article will help you manage your expectations and stick with your program through to its end goals: Better sales and raving customers!

3. What You Should Expect During the First Year of an Inbound Program

marketing-growth-inbound Source: Weidert Group

It takes courage to embark on a new adventure in business.

Even if you’re getting ho-hum results from your sales and marketing, it’s easier to fall into the lull of daily activities than to try something new that holds a lot of promise.

If you’re ready to tackle inbound marketing and sales, this article will walk you through what to expect over the first six months of an inbound marketing strategy.

4. 5 Social Media Tips That Will Never Change

social-media-tips Source: John Chow

Social media is a double-edged sword.

In some respects, it’s easy to get it up and running. In others, it’s pretty challenging. Namely, social media platforms are always changing. So what works today may not work next week.

While an agile approach is required, there are some things about social media that will never change. Learn what they are in this insightful article.

5. 2017 Social Media Marketing Industry Report

social-media-tips Source: RNZ

Social Media Examiner is an industry-leading authority on social media tactics.

In this article, they’ve compiled stats about the industry in this report.

Read the article to find out what’s working in social media in 2017 and where to focus your efforts.

6. Why Is Marketing So Hard and What to Do About It WhyisMarketingSoHardandWhattoDoAboutIt

Let’s face it: Shifting your brand and your business is hard.

The thing is though, your business has to change course with customers.

If consumers don’t respond to billboard ads in your industry, you don’t want to waste money on this advertising tactic, right? But what to do?

As a marketing, sales and web design company, we work with lots of businesses who are putting in the effort, but not getting good results. If you’re struggling with your marketing, you’re not alone.

This article will help you understand why you need to shift your strategy and what to do.

7. 7 Ways to Use Your Personal Brand to Find More Clients

influence-of-millennials Source: QuickSprout

You’re probably doing a lot of things right with your marketing. SEO, social media, video, email….the list goes on.

But there’s another key strategy that will help you find more clients. It’s your personal brand, and this article walks you through the exact steps to take.

8. Traffic Temperature: How To Build Real Relationships With Automated Campaigns

Wouldn’t it be nice to launch your next product using a Facebook ad campaign that gets phenomenal results?

And, oh  –  that you can also automate?

Whether you need to introduce your products to people who’ve never heard about you, convert visitors to leads, or upsell your best customers, you can learn how to do it in this article.

Then, sit back, relax, and watch the revenue roll in.

9. Why The Future Of Corporate Marketing May Hang On The Personal Brand

corporate-marketing-future Source: Brian Solis

Think personal branding is meaningless?

This article will prove to you how valuable your personal brand is to your corporate marketing.

You want to “be known” to your audience. According to Brian Solis, “Being known is about approaching your web presence with an intent that creates the proper authority, reputation, and audience to realize your potential and achieve your goals … whatever they might be.”

Read the article to learn how to create a customized personal branding strategy for your business.

10. How People ACTUALLY Read Your Emails (A Scientifically-Backed Guide)

email-structure Source: Sigstr

Your data shows you just how many people are reading your emails.

You NEED people to read them, and then take action. The most important components of your email data are the open and click rates.

This article will help you understand how consumers consume content so you can create better emails that will get read.

The strategy involves the subject line, images, the first sentence, using bullet points, the P.S., and split testing.

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