Top 10 Best Designed Websites in 2020

July 27, 2016

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Top 10 Best Designed Websites in 2020

How to rank as a top 10 best designed website

  • Less is more. Clean and simple is ideal.
  • Typography differentiates what’s most important for the reader.
  • Visuals can create a compelling story.
  • Easy navigation.
  • Displaying notable clients lend credibility to your site.
  • A powerful hero image provides valuable info for the reader.


This is the first blog in a series of articles covering web design.
Catch the series here:  

Let’s face it: Even with ample creativity, web designers may need inspiration when designing your website.

That’s why we’ve prepared a list of the 10 best designed websites.

But we’re not just going to show you pictures  –  we’ll highlight WHY the website’s design rocks.

**Check back for more articles in this web design series. In upcoming blogs, we’ll talk about the worst website designs, as well as more inspirational websites, highlighting best practices for home pages, blog pages, services pages, and more to drive inbound marketing revenue.

Top 10 Best Designed Websites - Go!

  1. Playground Inc.

Why we love this website design

  • In this case, the “less is more” philosophy really works. The subtle animations bring simple illustrations to life throughout the site. Note also that when you scroll over the animations, they move!

top 10 designed website example

  • The simple use of typography prompts the user on how to use the site, encouraging users to take the right actions.
  • The designer strategically chose a text weight to clearly differentiate the more important information from the less important content.

Playground website design

2. Pixel Lab

Why we love this website design

  • This one-page sites wins our award for best designed website. It’s design is super clean and simple  –  and it requires minimal scrolling from users, too.
  • The hero image uses a bold background color to showcase their work right out of the gate, quickly showing users what their brand is all about.pixel website design
  • The design showcases an impressive list of clients, like Disney and RedBull, quickly providing social proof.

3. Parcours Canada

Why we love this website design

  • The beautiful use of photography shows exactly what the site is all about. No need for lots of words!
  • The site is highly relatable to the audience, which is bilingual.
  • The overall design is truly awesome, hitting all the right points: It’s clean, simple, and easy to navigate.parcours website design

4. Humboldt

Why we love this website design

  • The designers use a concept familiar to users: Alice in Wonderland.
  • The use of sound on this website fits and enhances the emotional feeling of the user.
  • The site feels like an adventure, which is its purpose: The company wants you to plan your adventure to the California Redwoods.
  • The design prompts the user on how to use the site (ie. clicking videos to add to an itinerary).
  • The video footage itself is stunning and very well done. It’s very human and relatable.

Humboldt website design

5. Love Notes by Spotify

Why we love this website design

  • It gives the user step-by-step directions, and the process is really easy to follow.

spotify website design

  • The color palette fits the content: love, valentines, and candy  –  reminiscent of sweet tarts.
  • It offers the element of surprise. Songs are randomly picked based on a key phrase

spotify web design

6. Rally Interactive

Why we love this website design

  • Want to get on a best designed website list? Follow Rally Interactive’s lead. Their home page is always changing, and the page content reflects what appears in the hero image.
    Rally Interactive web design
  • The design also features a one of a kind (OOAK) menu that evolves from the hero image animation.
  • It shows an impressive collection of clients, demonstrating that this agency is a force to be reckoned with.

7. Airnauts

Why we love this website design

  • The hero image is easy to read and tells the user what to do next.

airnauts web design

  • It has THE coolest contact form we’ve ever seen!

airnauts web design

  • The website design’s color is bold and makes a statement.

8. Nest

Why we love this website design

  • The goal of the website super defined: It’s showcased in the first C2A the user sees. Nest wants the user to buy their product, and their use of C2A stands out.
  • The word choice in the design is clever and relatable to the target market.

nest web design

  • The photography is everything: top notch, clean and simple.

9. Kekselias

Why we love this website design

  • Notice the nice demonstration of text hierarchy through color and text weights. White space enhances the overall design.

kekselias web design

  • The cool page transition for the contact form makes you want to contact Kekselias.
  • While the content isn’t super interesting for the average user, the design captivates the user and makes them interested.

10. Huge Inc.

Why we love this website design

  • This design has a powerful hero image that isn’t stagnant and features a bold use of color and vibrant animations.
  • The site showcases the reputation of agency by highlighting its multiple locations.Huge Inc web design
  • Huge Inc.’s “Our Work” page features a full-page video of their work.  The user can see first-hand what the companies does without having to take a lot of steps.

Gear Up For Your WebSite Design

As you can see, the best designed websites use components like navigation that’s easy to use, clear call to actions, and a simple design.

In the next website design blog in this series, we’ll dive into the worst website designs, so you’ll know what to avoid!

Do you struggle with knowing what's good website design for your business' site? We're happy to help you create a strategy that maximizes your investment. Just give us a call!

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