Top 10 Inbound Marketing Reads (April Staff Picks)

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Top 10 Inbound Marketing Reads (April Staff Picks)

April showers bring May flowers, but for us marketers, April’s top picks should bring you lots more than a pretty bouquet!

This month, we’re covering how to get people to share your social media posts, improve your listening skills, define your buyer personas and optimize your blogs to get more ROI.

These tips, and the others below, will help streamline your marketing efforts, and ultimately, increase results for your clients or your business.

1. How To Write Social Media Content People Actually Share

Do you look longingly at other brand’s social media posts that get off-the-charts engagement and go viral?

Wonder how you can do the same? This blog lays it all out and shows you how to write social media content that people will actually share!

It covers steps like learning what your audience wants and needs, writing for the reader, developing buyer personas, using copy that gets hits where it counts  –  the buyer’s emotions, and more.

2. 6 Phrases to Demonstrate Active Listening -- at Work, or Elsewhere

Whether or not you know it, being a crappy listener can have hazardous effects in the workplace and at home.

Avoid having a coworker pull you aside and tell you she doesn’t feel like you have interest in her life or work and ramp up your active listening skills. You’ll learn what happens when you’re listening, what happens when you don’t listen, and the steps you need to practice to become a better listener.

You’ll learn what happens when you’re listening, what happens when you don’t listen, and the steps you need to practice to become a better listener.

3. How Human Emotion Influences Buying Behavior (And Marketers Can Use it)

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Do you know the way to get consumers to buy is through their hearts?

Human emotion is the single, most powerful key to convincing buyers to move from the consideration to the decision stage in the sales funnel. In this blog, you’ll learn the role human emotion has on buying behaviors, and how to use it to your favor.

4. How to Finally Define Your Buyer Persona


You’ve probably heard the term “buyer persona,” but may not be aware of how important they are to your marketing, sales and revenue.

If your business invests in developing your buyer personas, you’ll have a much better target at which to shoot your sales and marketing dollars  –  and ultimately, get a better ROI.

This blog will guide you through the steps to do so, such as knowing your demographics, reviewing your database, and tweaking your website forms.

5. How Small Marketing Teams Can Achieve Big Content Wins

Wondering how your small but mighty marketing team can produce more content wins?

MarketingProfs shows you just how to do that in this blog. It’ll guide you through steps like setting expectations and benchmarks, contracting outside resources, and staying the course.

Put these tips into action, and your team will score some big wins that will advance your campaigns, and in the end, help your business increase revenue.

6. 4 Reasons You Need to Optimize Your Old Blog Articles

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Hey you! Yes, you old blogs, hanging out in the archives and slowly fading into the background. Your job isn’t done.

Ever feel like your old blogs articles are no longer helping? You can optimize these blogs and get them to perform again.

If you’re not convinced that you need to spruce them up, this article will convince you.

Learn why the ever-growing content supply, the need for leads, relevant content and the no-cost, high-ROI strategy will have your team getting together to regroup around these tired, old blogs to give them new life.

7. How to Use Your Competition's "Top Pages" Data to Bolster Your SEO Efforts

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Did you know you can use your competitors’ strategy to your advantage?

In this Moz article, Rand Fishkin walks you through using your competition’s data on top pages to give your SEO efforts a big boost. Watch the video or following along using the transcript.

You’ll learn about the five kinds of top pages reports and how to use the data. This is one tutorial you don’t want to miss!

8. The Agency Swiss Army Knife – 27 Dream Marketing Stack Tools You Can’t Afford to Miss

Imagine yourself alone in the wilderness. Your Swiss Army knife helping you, every step of the way.

Now, picture your business. Without a Swiss-Army-Knife equivalent, your marketing may flop. Streamline your strategy by pulling all of your tools together.

The article outlines options like HubSpot and Marketo, Vero and MailChimp, and CallRail and Drift.

9. 23 Facts to Pull Out When Someone Says Content Marketing Doesn’t Work

Trying to convince the higher ups in your organization that content marketing is the solution to your stagnant sales? This article will give you all the ammunition you need to squash the objections.

Get armed with facts like how effective content marketing is, how it drives conversions, and much, much more.

10. How to Write Data-Driven Content: A Step-by-Step Guide

No top 10 marketing reads list would be complete without a definitive article from Neil Patel! And we won’t disappoint you this month. Patel guides you through how to write data-driven content.

You know, the kind that will REALLY convince your prospects to buy through irrefutable proof.

Complete with step-by-step instructions, lots of graphics, and straightforward advice, you can start writing your own data-driven content tomorrow!

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