The Ultimate Guide to Website Messaging for Keynote Speakers

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The Ultimate Guide to Website Messaging for Keynote Speakers

The Ultimate Guide to Website Messaging for Keynote Speakers

  • Tell a story.
  • Your homepage should clearly highlight what you offer.
  • Define a process that gets users to act.
  • You need social proof and testimonials.

Have you ever wondered if your website tells the right story?

As a keynote speaker, you need your website to speak to your audience (perhaps the people who buy your books about leadership or purchase your digital course on selling).

But it should also target people who will hire you to give keynote speeches, conduct workshops and purchase your consultation services.

In addition to talking to the right buyer personas, the messaging itself (the copy, or the words on the page) has to follow a certain strategy to help users EASILY AND QUICKLY (super important points) understand what it is that you do, and gets them to opt into your email newsletter, sign up for your digital course, and any other conversion tactic you’re pursuing.

That’s a tall recipe.

But, as you may have guessed, we have a proven solution for your website messaging.

Website Messaging For Keynote Speakers: It’s All About The Story


If your website is confusing to users, they will opt out. Leave the page. Move onto, gasp, your competitor.

You definitely don’t want readers to land on your page and have to “work” to understand what you do.

The most effective websites tell a story, walking readers through what you have to offer, how it will help them, and what they will get out of working with you.

At its core, your website should make the reader (or your buyer persona(s)) the hero, with you as their guide. The resolution of your story shows the hero how to win their battle against:

  • Low revenue.
  • Poor leadership skills.
  • An ineffective sales team.
  • And so on.

Let’s take a look at how the home page of your keynote speaker website can do all of these things.

The Home Page

The header section of your home page – this is the section you first see when landing on your site – should clearly outline what you offer.

In just a couple of sections, the user should be able to scan this header and grasp what it is that you do.

Let’s take a look at the header on our home page.


Flight Media’s header says:

Marketing Solutions to Help Your Speaking Business Grow

Underneath, there are three points that describe the value we offer  – or the outcomes of working with us:

  • Speak more.
  • Build recurring revenue.
  • Have greater impact.

We’ve clearly outlined three “perks” of working with a marketing agency that speaks to your needs as a motivational speaker or consultant.

Next, note the call to action, or CTA, in this section. “Schedule my marketing assessment” provides our audience with a clearly defined path for getting in touch with us to schedule a consult – where we analyze your website and marketing efforts and make customized recommendations to drive revenue and growth.

There’s also a CTA to “learn more,” so you can investigate who we are, our services, and our work, in case you’re not ready to make a decision just yet.

Finally, the visual behind the header is also relevant: It’s a keynote speaker conducting a workshop.

As a motivational speaker, if you’re vetting a few marketing agencies and you land on this page, you should feel confident that we know what we’re doing! That’s what good website messaging should do.

Underneath the header, we’ve positioned “our services,” inbound marketing and website design, as the answer (or guide) to you, our hero, and your problems, which is “struggling with marketing and sales” and “wasting time, money and resources.”


When we help keynote speakers with their marketing, sales and web design, they can focus on what they do best: speak, advise, and inspire.

A Website Message That Gets Users to ACT

Let’s jump to the next section, which we call the process.


We recommend limiting this section to four steps, in order to show website visitors exactly what they need to do to grow their business.

See how the process is laid out?

  1. First, book your assessment. We’ll review what you’re doing and where the gaps lie.
  2. Next, we’ll uncover your biggest challenges. Maybe it’s building your email list. Maybe it’s finding time to validate your digital course.
  3. Then, we create a customized strategy. We’ll match up you needs with effective strategies, and voila: You’ve got a comprehensive, personalized marketing strategy you can do on your own, or…
  4. Finally, you can choose to work with Flight Media, and our team of experts will put the  customized strategy unique to YOUR keynote speaking business into action.

The result? You’ll speak more, build recurring revenue streams, and have greater impact.

The Next Speaker Website Must-Have

Another key component to telling your story involves social proof or testimonials.

Notice that the next section of our website showcases logos from clients we work with…


Then, the results we get…


Final Thoughts

That’s it in a nutshell.

All of the components the home page of your website should have and the messaging or story it should follow in order for you to build a keynote speaking business that gives you back your free time, helps you make an impact, AND affords the lifestyle you’ve dreamed of.

Are you ready to tell the story your prospects have been waiting to hear? Where do you think you website messaging falls short?

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