Who Should I Be Marketing To? The Definitive Keynote Speakers’ Guide

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Who Should I Be Marketing To? The Definitive Keynote Speakers’ Guide

Who Should I Be Marketing To? The Definitive Speakers’ Guide

  • Defining your audience.
  • Why both audiences are important.
  • How to craft marketing materials for multiple audiences.

Your marketing efforts won’t be effective without a strategy.

You don’t want to toss out a bunch of marketing tactics and hope they stick.

Your marketing dollars are too precious to do that, right?

But imagine if you were strategic about it.

That’d be like taking one or two of the highest-quality arrows, slipping them into your olympic-style bow, and shooting at the target.

Now, that kind of attack is bound to get you to the bull’s eye.

Think of the arrows as your marketing tactics and the bow as your audience.

If you know to whom you should be directing your messaging to, your marketing tactics will be that much more effective  – and you’ll waste a lot less of your time, money and resources.

You’ll hit the target!

So that begs the question: To whom should you be marketing?

It’s not who you think.

Who Makes Up Your Audience?

If you answered the question – Who should I be marketing to – with “People who need to learn what I have to share,” you’re partly right.

If your expertise is on sales tactics, then the people who rely on these tactics, salespeople, make up your audience.

If your keynote speeches center around topics like career advice and networking, then “professionals” comprise your audience.


But they’re not the only group that makes up your audience.

Do sales VPs hire you to speak at their annual convention?

Do professionals schedule you to put on a workshop?

Do either of these groups call you up to book you for a workshop?

If the answer to these questions is Yes  – and of course it is a resounding “yes” – then you actually have two audiences, or buyer personas, to market to.

Salespeople don’t have the authority to hire you to speak at their company’s sales convention. But they’re still important as influencers and consumers.

Same with professionals. They won’t hire you to put on a workshop, but they can consume your content and share it with the higher-ups.

The people who DO make these decisions, however, make up your audience, too.

Not convinced yet? Read on.

Why Both Audiences Are Important

Most motivational speakers have two buyer personas  – or two audiences to which they need to direct their marketing.

And you probably do, too.

There’s your audience, or the people who listen to your speeches, attend your workshops, and benefit from your consulting. This group may buy your books and read them for work or at home.

But you have another audience: the decision-makers.

Ignore this audience and you’ll risk plunging into oblivion. To be hired no more. To take the back seat to your competitors.

Your marketing has to convince the decision-makers to hire you. To buy your digital courses for their salespeople and purchase your books for their teams. And to book you for workshops and consulting.

You NEED both audiences, and your marketing has to speak to each group.


How To Craft Marketing Materials For Multiple Audiences

The first step in marketing to both groups is to craft buyer personas for each audience.

These documents will give you a foundation from which to build your marketing messages.

So exactly what is a buyer persona?

It’s a fairly simple document that outlines the audience’s:

  • Pain points.
  • Needs.
  • Motivations.
  • Influences.
  • And more.

How does this information help, specifically?

Imagine if you were building a digital course on sales.

The salespeople’s pain points are things like hitting their quotes and making money, while a decision-maker’s pain points are centered around company growth and competitive differentiation.

Do you see how different these pain points are?

You couldn’t create a marketing campaign for one that would speak to both groups.

By creating specific buyer persona outlines for  both groups, you can segment your marketing efforts and truly personalize campaigns for each audience – which gets superior results to one-size-fits-all marketing.

You’ll get more people clicking through your emails, downloading ebooks, and engaging on social media.

Which leads to a growing email list, more prospects, and higher conversions – bookings, speeches and sales.

Are you ready to transform your marketing with targeted buyer personas?

In what ways are you struggling to create marketing campaigns that are personalized to your two buyer personas?

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