The Best Marketing Strategy for Your Keynote Speaking Business

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The Best Marketing Strategy for Your Keynote Speaking Business

The Best Marketing Strategy for Your Keynote Speaking Business

  1. Automation.
  2. Make money while you sleep.
  3. Recurring revenue.

You have to give great keynotes and motivational speeches.

Deliver actionable tips and you’re sure to be invited back.

Then there’s the word-of-mouth that will land you RFPs.

So, where does marketing fit in?

As a keynote speaker, you can’t afford to ignore marketing because your competition isn’t.

You can bet they have SOME kind of online marketing strategy.

There’s no getting around it – you have to be online, as well.

You’re trying to answer the question “What’s the best marketing strategy for my keynote speaking business?” but experts give conflicting advice.

What NOT To Do

Just take a look at what Entrepreneur tells you to do in their article “The 5 Steps to Marketing Yourself as a Speaker”:

  1. Spend a ton of time looking for organizations that are holding meetings in the next year and a half and need a speaker.
  2. Spend more time learning about the people planning the meetings and need a keynote speaker.
  3. Then, chill in front of your computer and find their contact information.
  4. Write a proposal.
  5. Send all the people you researched an email, make follow-up phone calls, and email again. Repeat.


Tired yet?

Do you have time for all this research (especially when there’s a better way) or the organizational skills to keep up with it all?

Would you be where you want to be in 10 years, following this advice?

What about recurring revenue?

What you would probably be doing is traveling 10 months out of the year, speaking at event after event and racking up enough miles to fly yourself and 5 friends around the globe.

This is what your life will look like if you keep trading your precious time for dollars. Your cash flow will be unpredictable and you’ll only have fond memories of what a personal life was like.

You can’t keep that up.

What’s The Best Marketing Strategy For My Keynote Speaking Business?

You need a customized inbound marketing strategy for a motivational speaker and author.

It’s not only sustainable, it’s more effective.

Here’s why.

1. Automation


Of course, using an inbound marketing strategy doesn’t mean you’ll totally give up speaking or writing.

But it will drive your speaking and writing.

Consider this:

You speak at a large event and 5,000 people attend. During your talk, you offer the audience the opportunity to join your email list through a text message.

If half the audience takes you up on your offer, you’ve just added 2,500 NEW contacts to your email list.

Say only 10% of the audience joins. You still get 500 new contacts – hot leads, actually – instantly.

These are people who saw you in action and loved you enough that they decided to jump on board with you.

You send these contacts a series of emails (a workflow) that educates them on a certain topic and grows your authority as an expert.

You’re engaging these new contacts every week without having to travel and speak.

The last email of the workflow contains a special offer, for example, a webinar or Master Class for $299.

If 100 of the recipients opt to buy, you’ll make $29,900 in revenue from doing nothing other than setting it all up – and that’s just in one month.

Fast-forward to your next keynote speaking engagement.

The same thing happens: People sign up for your list, receive the workflow and purchase your special offer.

You’re making bank on a monthly basis from an automated system.

The potential is there to make $30K EVERY MONTH from a system that you set up with a  one-time 10-20 hour investment.

That’s the beauty of automation!

2. Make Money While You Sleep

This approach will also help you cut down on travel time.

Let’s take the previous example a step further.

Your $299 webinar or Master Class engaged 100 people, turning them into “hot leads.”

Your next step is to take these hot leads and offer them something a little more in-depth and more valuable, like a Mastermind Group for $999.

Maybe you’ll only get 20 people who bought the first offer who are ready and willing to invest in themselves again.

That’s another $20K of revenue you’re pulling down, on top of the $30K you already made from the webinar or Master Class.

But you’re not giving up on the people who didn’t invest in the first product.

You’re going to send them an additional workflow.

Inbound marketing strategies keep things running behind the scenes while you’re spending more time at home with the family and maybe catching up on some much-needed sleep.

You’re snoozing and your revenue is snowballing.

3. Recurring Revenue


Your investment in digital products is the key to building a stream of recurring revenue.

You do have to invest time to create the materials, but it’s all scalable and you won’t have to hire a 15-person team.

But you will need SOME help. As an inbound marketing agency, our specialty is helping keynote speakers and authors like you build a customized strategy to grow profits using digital courses.

Our strategy looks like this:

  • Create a small-ticket item to get people to join your email list. Examples: free ebook download, a physical book they purchase, a speaking event, etc.
  • Nurture them through to buying a higher-priced item.
  • Next, offer them an even bigger-ticket item.
  • Then pull out the big guns – a subscription product.

Getting Started

There’s an audience out there that needs your unique knowledge.

But a crazy travel schedule isn’t sustainable.

An inbound marketing strategy that’s customized for motivational speakers and authors allows you to build the career you’ve always dreamed of.

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