The Best Ever Inbound Marketing Solutions for Cross-Selling

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The Best Ever Inbound Marketing Solutions for Cross-Selling

The Best Ever Inbound Marketing Solutions for Cross-Selling

  1. Using smart content to cross-sell
  2. Using automated workflows

The crux of inbound marketing is attracting visitors to your website, converting them into viable leads and cultivating them until they’re paying customers.

If you’re familiar with inbound marketing solutions, your mind may be running through “attract, convert, close, delight.”

The final part – delight – is often forgotten.

Delight is what turns your clients into promoters.

Your loyal customers are a gold mine.

Think about it. They understand your value and they’re satisfied with what you’re doing for them.

Your existing clients make up the perfect audience for cross-selling your products and/or services.

As a keynote speaker, you know how important it is to have a source of revenue to bolster your revenue, apart from your actual speaking engagements.

Inbound marketing provides the optimal setting for cross-selling.

Here’s how.

1. Using Smart Content to Cross-Sell

Smart content is website content that can be personalized to your audience and their unique needs.

For example, say your company has an office in Bangor, Maine and another in San Diego, California.

You have the ability to display information that’s relevant to that location, which is an important benefit for cross-promoting products and services.

The needs and interests of your clients on the East Coast could be quite different from those on the West Coast.

Here are the best ways to leverage smart content.

  • CTAs. You can tailor your calls to action according to what customers have already purchased. For example, CTAs can be different for those website visitors who have attended your speaking event and those who haven’t.
  • Email copy. Use your email greeting/sign-off to distinguish between contacts and actual customers. For example, a simple, “I’d be happy to answer any questions,” can become “Please contact me if you have any questions about my book you recently purchased.”
  • Website copy. You can vary your website copy based on the behaviors of your visitors – their purchases, the free offers they’ve taken advantage of, etc.

2. Using Automated Workflows

Here’s the best way automated workflows can help you with cross-selling.

Lead Nurturing

If a client has made a recent purchase, they’re probably not quite ready to buy anything else right away.

Take advantage of their “newness” and create a workflow that’s just for new customers (we call this a lead-nurturing workflow or email series).

Provide them with additional information about how they can use what they’ve already purchased.

If they’ve come to one of your speaking events, periodically send them practical tips for putting your strategies into action.

The faster they feel comfortable with what they have, the sooner they’ll be ready for something else.

A good rule of thumb to follow is to present additional opportunities as soon as clients are done with the new-customer workflow.

Final Thoughts

The value in a client doesn’t end when they’ve attended your event or made a purchase.

Likewise, your value to them doesn’t end there, either.

Use these cross-selling strategies to optimize the purchases your customers make and ensure that they remain loyal to your brand for the long haul.

What cross-selling tactics have you had success with?

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