How to Stop Procrastinating and Get Stuff Done

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How to Stop Procrastinating and Get Stuff Done

Procrastinating is the enemy of success. Success is the result of consistent, daily effort towards a specific goal. Putting off the small tasks that pave the way to your goal makes reaching that goal impossible. Whether you’re looking to grow your blog content, enhance your social media influence or boost your sales online, you’ll need to conquer procrastination. That might seem like an impossible task, but it’s not. Entrepreneurs throughout every industry have had to defeat their urge to procrastinate in order to build something amazing. I'll be showing you how to win against procrastination. I've employed each of the following tips with outstanding success to enable me to end procrastination entirely.

Create a List

Either every morning before you start your day, or every evening before you ‘clock out’, create a list of what must be done. Your list can be simple, but you may benefit from writing a few sentences about each item. Screenshot 2015-12-14 00.50.25 Take your lists to the next level by including what will happen if you fail to complete the task. Will you lose a client? Miss a deadline? Understanding the consequences of each task will keep you focused on what matters most.

Start With the Biggest Item

When I have tons to do, tackling the biggest task seems exhausting. But – without fail – when I just suck it up and knock it out right away, everything else comes easier. There’s a great book by Brian Tracy that sums this up pretty well. Definitely a great read for any entrepreneur out there.

Break Up Large Tasks

Do you have one massive item on your to do list? Explore how you can separate one big task into five or ten ‘fun size’ tasks. For example, if you have a 3,000-word white paper due in two days, create separate tasks for research, outlining, writing the rough draft, second draft and editing. Screenshot 2015-12-14 00.52.26 It's important to note here that you shouldn't have too much on your to-do list each day. If you overwhelm your mind with things to do, it will only stress you out and decrease the probability of you actually accomplishing things.

Set a Halfway Alarm

Create an alarm on your phone or laptop that goes off halfway through the workday. Use this time to bring your attention to everything you've accomplished that day, and what still must be done for that day. This simple habit helps provide some course correction to keep you focused on what matters.

Explore Time Management Techniques

There are seemingly endless time management techniques out there. Explore each of them and see what works for you. Personally, I’ve had success with the Pomodoro Technique. Screenshot 2015-12-14 00.53.45 It calls for working in 25-minute chunks with 5 minute breaks in between. I know some entrepreneurs who like a more intense 10-minute chunk with longer breaks, feel free to mix it up.

Switch Up Your Work Environment

As an entrepreneur, you have more control over where you work than most people. Use this flexibility to battle procrastination by changing your work environment regularly. Moving to a new environment refocuses your attention on the task at hand. For example, spend an hour in the morning working at a coffee shop before you head into your office. You can prioritize certain tasks for this time, like replying to emails.


Incorporate each of the above tips into your daily routine and you’ll start to exercise your willpower and decrease the amount of time you spend procrastinating. Have you conquered procrastination? Have you tried any of these tips, with success or failure? Are you still struggling to achieve despite trying these tips? Let me know in the comments! The Ultimate Guide to Twitter Business Hacks

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