Top Social Media Fails of 2014

December 28, 2014

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Top Social Media Fails of 2014

Social media is a very powerful tool. From allowing you to connect with your fans, to driving thousands of visitors & sales to your website, social media is easily one of the most universal strategies for building a brand. With great power, however, comes great responsibility. (Insert Uncle Ben from Spiderman 1) While social media is often used for the benefit of a company, in the hands of an upset intern, a bad marketing team, or a PR employee, things can often turn sour. Seeing as one of Flight Media's prime services is social media marketing, I figured I'd share the largest social media fails we've seen in 2014! Enjoy--and please share if it tickled your fancy.

1. NYPD Turns Friendly Into Brutal

Back in April, the NYPD thought it would be a great idea to get people involved in their trending hashtag #myNYPD by tweeting:

  Hoping for friendly photos with members of NYPD, their marketing team failed to think through the other side of the spectrum--negative photos with NYPD. Within minutes, people began tweeting all kinds of picture of NYPD abusing their power & being cruel to civilians. Something good, gone bad. Here are a few responses (of hundreds,) to give you an idea of what happened:


2. #nomakeupselfie = Adopt a Polar Bear

Cancer Research UK, in their attempt to raise money for cancer research, ran a campaign with the hashtag #nomakeupselfie by asking people to text 'BEAT' to 70007. Unfortunately, iPhone autocorrects 'beat' to 'bear'--leading people to accidentally adopting a polar bear. #nomakeupselfie Fail

3. Delta's World Cup Screwup

Celebrating the U.S.'s 2-1 win against Ghana in the World Cup, Delta posted a picture with the Statue of Liberty (representing the US) and a giraffe (representing Ghana), not realizing that giraffes don't live in Ghana. They immediately deleted the tweet & apologized: Delta World Cup Fail Unfortunately, in their apology, they accidentally said "precious" instead of "previous"--putting them deeper in the hole.

 4. DiGiorno Pizza Jumps on #WhyIStayed

After NFL's Ray Rice was caught beating his wife on tape, countless women took on the hashtag #WhyIStayed to confess their stories of why they stayed in abusive relationships. To their demise, DiGiorno Pizza attempted to get in on the trending topic:

Within minutes, the tweet was deleted and DiGiorno Pizza apologized individually to every person who responded to their tweet. That's great crisis management, if you ask me!

5. Let's (NOT) Get Social

Let's face it, everybody loves a good laugh. Good jokes or bad jokes, they usually end in at least a bit of a chuckle. Social Media Marketing World thought the same thing when they wrote the song, "Let's Get Social." Sadly, this little ditty fell more on the this-is-so-bad-that-Im-cringing-out-of-embarassment-for-you side of things. (Especially when the 'rap' kicks in) The worst part--they put cats before bacon. What a shame... Hit 'play' and by the 2-minute mark, you'll understand.


Social media is an amazing tool. Drive traffic, generate leads, make sales, and build a solid brand. But whatever you do, use common sense, engage how you would want to be engaged, and don't hijack serious hashtags for the sake of selling a few pizzas. Which one of the 5 fails made you smile? Leave a comment. 8-)   twitter-hacks-magnet

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