Small Marketing Teams: Here’s How to Get Your Boss to Buy Into Your Ideas [Part 1]

March 28, 2019

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Small Marketing Teams: Here’s How to Get Your Boss to Buy Into Your Ideas [Part 1]

If you’ve spent one minute in the marketing department at any organization, startup or business, there are bound to be differences  – be it generational or philosophical.

The truth is, as a marketer, you’re bound to come up against higher-ups that don’t see eye to eye with your marketing strategies.


That’s especially true if you’re espousing digital tactics or an inbound marketing method.

Your CEO has probably built the company using traditional marketing methods and seen great success.

Getting her to see differently is, well, a big ol’ challenge.

She knows what has worked and believes it still should work.

We know that’s not the truth, but getting buy-in from your boss is a big deal. You won’t be able to move forward without it!

Here’s the nitty-gritty about how your small marketing team can get ideas across to the boss.

Getting Down To Brass Tacks With Your Small Marketing Team

You need more website visitors to carry the company, when  – and it IS just a matter of when – those traditional efforts die.

You need to build an organic strategy through blogging so prospects can find you online.

But the C-suite in your organization laugh at the idea of blogging.



They are certain that blogging won’t work for YOUR industry or organization.

Or maybe you have the green light to send out an email blast  – you know, the SAME message to everyone on your list?

Sigh. We get it.

How do you convince your boss that he must segment those messages, or the strategy will fail?

Ultimately, you need results. Or you’ll lose your job.

Before you get out the cardboard box and start packing up your desk, consider these strategies for getting marketing buy-in from your traditional CEO.

Getting Buy-In From The Top

Here’s how to get your organization’s C-suite on board with your small marketing team’s strategy:

Start Slow

Make sure your boss understands the strategy and, more importantly, see its value. You can help her see the value by speaking her language, and that means sharing numbers.

Talk about factors like return on investment, profit margin and market share.


That’ll get her motivated to try your strategy and back you up.

Instead of recommending Facebook because EVERYONE is on it, show that visitors from Facebook will be 20% more likely to purchase. That’s how to effectively share data that backs up your proposal.

Take Time For Due Diligence.

Coming to meetings prepared will go a long way.


Do your homework before strategy sessions so you know the project’s timeline, personnel that’s required, the cost, and so on.

Gather case studies to show that the vendor you want to work with is the best and will help you achieve ROI.

Do Away With Philosophy.

Your CEO probably doesn’t care about ideology.

Sure, maybe inbound marketing is the absolute best way to go, is trending, and isn’t going away.

What your boss cares about, however, is risk.

He’s protecting the present and future of the business. And the buck stops at the top.

So instead of sharing why you should be blogging, share solutions and PROVE why they will work.

Final Thoughts


By starting slow, doing your homework and sharing cold, hard facts, you’ll get your boss on board in no time, and have free reign to implement marketing strategies that will carry your organization into the future!

Where do you struggle most to get your CEO on board?

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