4 Quick Tips to a Sleeker Web Design

September 8, 2015

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4 Quick Tips to a Sleeker Web Design

It seems like we’re always launching new websites for clients these days.

We’re super excited about the design work that’s been flying out the doors here at Flight Media. (Huge kudos to our Creative Director, Ashley, for making that possible!)

And I’m not gonna lie, seeing some of that work has got me excited about design. So, I sat down with Ashley last week and we’ve got some great design-focused blogs coming up. But before we got into the nitty gritty, I wanted to start out with a great little appetizer...

You don’t always need a full website design or a deeper understanding of the Golden Ratio.

Sometimes you just need to make a few quick adjustments to your current design. I’m always amazed at how small tweaks can make a huge impact in web design.

So – without further ado – here are a few quick tips to help you upgrade to a sleeker design.

Choose a Sleeker Font Pairing

Now, I’m not a expert designer by any stretch of the imagination. But I sure do love a stellar font pairing. There’s just something about when a heading font complements the body font.

Magical things, my friends. Magical things.

For those of  you who didn’t just geek out with me a bit. The idea is simple: the font you select for your header should complement the font you choose for your body. A lot of entrepreneurs (read: amateur designers) just choose a couple of random fonts.

I used to do that too, no worries.

That is, until I learned the beauty of font combinations. I’m going to select a few of my favorites to show you. And I hope you learn to appreciate it as much as I do. :)

Have I won you over to the dark side yet? If so, here’s a great resource to get you started.

Strategically Increase Whitespace

There are plenty of controversies in the design vs. client world. But one that seems to stand out when I’ve worked with web design projects? The battle for whitespace.

Web designers love it. Clients want to fill it.

Strategic whitespace is truly a foundational element of good design. It does matter if it's for your home page or the design for your latest landing page – whitespace works.

Despite what entrepreneurs may think - every pixel doesn’t need to be covered in your promotions, messages, products or services. Sometimes it’s okay to just give it some space.

Invest In Some UX Testing

I never really understood the importance of UX Testing until I had a friend of mine do it without asking. She started going through the website and unbiasedly pointing out things that didn’t make sense or didn’t look quite right.

Now, that was just my nosy friend looking over my shoulder. But trust me, proper UX testing is an invaluable, quick way to see where you need improvements.


If you don’t have a brutally honest friend looking over your shoulder, there are still plenty of ways you can get an unbiased opinion. You could hire someone on Elance, or several other cheap methods to accomplish the task.

Design a More Modern Logo

It has always amazed me what a simple logo upgrade can do for a brand.

If your logo design is stuck in the Stone Age, then perhaps it’s time to get something more modern. Large brands do it all the time, so there’s no reason why your business can’t succeed with a bit of a design overhaul.

In fact, Google just recently updated their logo. This is what you’re accustomed to:

And then BAM! Here’s the new logo:

What a difference just a few changes make!

There you have it, folks! Which of these tips will you implement on your website? I’d love to hear it in the thoughts below! (And feel free to share you own design tips too!)

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