Solopreneur Life: Interview With Ryan Biddulph

September 27, 2014

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Solopreneur Life: Interview With Ryan Biddulph

I love to travel. In fact, in the last 4 months, I spent about 5 weeks traveling the United States & Panama. The beauty & nature this world holds is unbelievable. I actually spent about 4 hours on the road with my wife today, enjoying the amazing fall weather & the beautiful woods. That's why I'm a fan of Ryan Biddulph. Not only does he share my love for blogging, but he spent the last 3 years trotting the world while doing what he does best--blogging. He's lived in Bali, Indonesia, Thailand, Costa Rica, Peru, Malaysia, Fiji, and about a dozen other countries. (He currently resides in Fiji) I first heard of him from a blogging friend, Sue Anne (, and immediately connected with him. Whether you're looking to improve your blogging or strategize a way to travel the world while doing what you love (online,) Ryan is someone to start studying now. On with the interview!

1. Where are you from, what do you tell people you “do” and how long have you been doing it?

Hi Josh, thanks so much for sharing this opportunity with me! I am *from* New Jersey in the USA, but I’m currently living in Savusavu, Fiji for a 4 month stretch. I’ve traveled around the world for the past 40 months with my wonderful fiancee, Kelli Cooper. As for what I do, I help people retire to a life of island hopping through smart blogging. Aha, a tricky one; I’ve been focused on this specific task for 2 months but I’ve spent the past 4 years helping folks to live the internet lifestyle. My old blog just wasn’t as focused as the new one, so you could say I’ve been doing the internet lifestyle teaching thing for the past 4 years, 3 of which I’ve been circling the globe.

2. If ‘what you do’ is full-time, how long did it take you to reach that point?

Yep, definitely full time. I couldn’t find an employer who’d let me take a 4 month trip to Fiji! ;) I’d say it took me about 3 years to really get the ball rolling. I made enough money a few years in to do this gig full time but I’d add an extra year to understand the fundamentals, inside-out, to not only do this gig full time but to also be able to share my experiences with my audience in an easy-to-understand manner. I had to learn my craft, then explain how you too can learn the craft, and that process took about 3 years in total.

3. Who are 3 industry leaders you admire & why?

I. Chris Brogan--The man is a business mind, genuine, caring, and loving. He’s a gem…..and no, this is not just because he’s a New York Times Best Selling Author who endorsed my eBook. The man gets it, better than just about anybody I know online, or offline for that matter. He’s all about serving, inspiring and uplifting, and I must say, I’ve adopted a few elements from his style to create my own folksy, down to earth writing style. II. Ray Higdon--He's a network marketing guy who I followed religiously for many years when I was more into that niche. I wanted to mention him though because he kept me going when times got tough. The guy is a model of persistence and his positive energy inspired me to blast through obstacles, to rock out this online bit. III. Matthew Capella--He's a bootstrapping wizard, and marketing heavy. I’ve learned much of what I needed to know about blogger outreach through his brilliant strategies, and we’ve worked together through guest posts, interviews, and a few other projects over the years. Matt is tenaciously persistent, a master relationship builder and he over delivers in all that he does. I also feel deeply humbled by the fact that Matt - an adjunct professor at NYU - will be doing a Google Hangout with me to present to his class, in early December.  So through his support and opportunity I’ll be speaking to a class at NYU, which is amazing. The thing about these leaders, Josh, is that each guy is so humble. They may not be specifically from the “blogging tips” niche but they’re all highly influential people who’ve inspired me to do stuff I’d never dreamed I’d do. Seek out folks who inspire you to blast through your limitations, and your career trajectory will head toward the moon.

4. Do you design your own blog & graphics?

Oh no, I wish I had those talents. My good friend Phillip Dews is my designer. He’s the creative mind behind my blog and eBook cover.

5. What are your 3 most-popular posts?


6. Your social shares & comments are off the charts. What tips do you have for increasing your blog comments & sparking social shares?

I feel helping industry leaders get social shares and comments is the quickest - and easiest - way to get social shares and comments. If you see me commenting on an authority blog, I’m not half-baking it. I publish a mini guest post to add serious value to the blog post and to make friends with the blogger. That’s my intent; to follow the Blogging Golden Rule….give freely, detach from outcomes, and when you’re not looking for the receiving, the receiving happens. I aggressively promote blogging authorities so the Golden Rule aka karma looks after me, so people promote me aggressively. If you want blog comments, comment on other blogs, to make friends, to add value, and to make an impact. Promote the stuffing out of others, and look for NOTHING in return, to get your social shares off of the charts. This interview is another case study. I could write 2 or 3 sentences, because I’m “too busy” to spend any more time, to write answers, or I could really help you out, Josh, create something valuable, and make a serious impact which benefits both of us. So, I’m sitting here for more than a few minutes to create something that would inspire your audience….because hey, my intent is to help, and to take as many people to paradise, with me, as I possibly can.

7. Content Curation or Content Creation?

Creation, creation, creation. Curation works well, but nobody can write Ryan Biddulph’s story, except RB, and when he does, wow…..a fired security guard, living on government assistance, 5 years ago….just by busting his tail, and telling his story...can be endorsed by a New York Times Best Selling Author (and Chris is also a business consultant for guys like Richard Branson, Tony Robbins, and Paulo Coelho)....and can be asked to speak to a class at NYU, to teach them how to monetize a blog…..when RB writes his story in an authentic, inspiring manner, then the floodgates open. Creating. At least for me, these things would have never happened and I would have never got on the radar of these wildly successful folks unless I created, and told, my story.

8. What tools do you use on a daily basis to manage & streamline your online business & why?

Hootsuite Pro is my #1 tool. I use no other ones on a persistent basis. I wrote a neat little (ok long, but helpful and cool) post about why busy bloggers should use HSP.

9. Where does a majority of your traffic come from? (Google, Social, Guest Posts, etc.)

The bulk of my traffic flows in through Triberr, Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus. I see nice spikes from interview requests and guest posts, but really, it’s all about commenting on authority blogs for me, and promoting top shelf bloggers.

10. How has running an online business affected your life?

Running an online business has helped a shy, self-conscious, anxious, uncertain dude become a confident, gregarious, energetic, clear, fun-loving dynamo. Not only running an online business, but traveling has molded me into the person I was meant to be. Making executive decisions on the road, trashing my old blog in Fiji and starting Blogging from Paradise, coping with painfully slow internet connections in the jungles of Bali and learning how to work on the road, when traversing the beaches of Costa Rica, have taught me to be comfortable with being uncomfortable. I always wanted to be free more than anything else Josh, and when I became increasing free, through engineering and realizing my current lifestyle, I just became more happy, more compassionate, and more than anything, I made my intent to free people, as I had freed myself.   

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