Return On Marketing Investment: A Case Study

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Return On Marketing Investment: A Case Study

Return on marketing investment:

Return on marketing investment, also known as ROMI, is the ratio of the profit you make compared to the investment you put into marketing.

You should always know what to expect from your marketing investment. In fact return on marketing investment expectations should be one of the first things you discuss with any agency you’re in discussions with.

In order to guarantee a positive return on investment from your marketing campaigns, you’ll first need a customized plan to match your industry, your audience and your goals.

Like many businesses competing in today’s digital marketplace, our client, HammondKnoll, knew that they needed to jump on the inbound marketing train, but didn’t know how to do it. They were struggling to gain traction and get results with their marketing, so they turned to outsourcing. But they didn’t want to just partner with a marketing agency and hope for the best.


Return on marketing investment was very important to HammondKnoll. 

Hear what Matt O’Haleck, President of HammondKnoll, a commercial and residential floor cleaning company, has to say about the experience so far:

Watch the video or read the testimonial below!

“This is Matt O’Haleck from HammondKnoll in Tacoma, Washington. I just wanted to give a big shout out to our friends at Flight Media. 

Here at HammondKnoll, we were struggling with our marketing and we knew that inbound marketing was in our future. But our website, some of our systems and even some of our content seemed like it was stuck in the past decade. It was old, and it was outdated. 

But there’s so much going on in the marketing world today, and for us as a small company, we sometimes felt overwhelmed. We’d work and work but felt almost like a gerbil on a wheel. We’d be running hard, but we really didn’t make any improvements, we weren’t getting anywhere. 

And so when we connected up with Flight, all of that changed really fast for us. With a large team of experienced professionals, we were able to work in several different areas at the same time and get a lot of objectives done, quickly. 

So, we were working on things like website development, email marketing, blog development, and the sales process. All at the same time and we were moving forward really, really quickly. It’s just been awesome. 

In contrast, our past service providers moved really slow. Sometimes, unfortunately, the staff just didn’t have the experience to make our marketing efforts cohesive. In the past, we wasted a lot of energy and a lot of time. And we lost a lot of sales. 

It’s just been a whole different experience working with the group at Flight Media. One of my favorite things when we got together with Flight was that they let us know right up front, no long-term contracts. 

They’re willing to prove themselves. They were all really comfortable talking about return on marketing investment and making sure we got results, not just clicks. That was completely different than other people that we had spoken with. So, it’s just awesome.


And so now it’s really easy for us to see, with the systems Flight Media has implemented, where clients are coming from, how many customers we have, and what our dollar volumes from those customers are. And then, the follow-up systems we have in place are allowing us to close many more deals. 

[Marketing ROI] been proven to us because we can see it. After about a year of stagnant sales we had here at our company, we’ve seen revenue growth really started to take off and, in fact, recently we had a record month. 

Really exciting stuff and I can’t thank you all at Flight enough for that and again, another shout-out and a thank you and looking forward to a long, long relationship with you all. Thanks again.”

Final Thoughts

If you’re frustrated with poor return on marketing investment (marketing ROI) or you’ve worked with an agency in the past that didn’t perform or meet expectations, you don’t have to throw in the towel.

It’s time for you to get off the wheel and leave the gerbils to their games.


Talk to us about a customized marketing plan that will meet your needs  – and what kind of return on marketing investment to expect when you outsource your marketing.

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