The Adventures of Maxwell, Professional Office Dog

February 24, 2020

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The Adventures of Maxwell, Professional Office Dog

I’m not gonna lie. I have a pretty cake life – when I’m off the clock.

I eat. I sleep. I chase. I go to the office and work. And I do it all over again.

Yes, you read that right. I work. I’m an office dog and I have the bowtie to prove it. 

My people, Josh and Kelsey, run a business.


Well, that’s what it looks like from the outside.

The truth is, I run the show. Nothing would get done without me around. 

Case in point: Just this morning, some STRANGER had the audacity to come right in the door. (It happens a lot.) So, I hear the ding-dong and I spring into action.

My running and barking prevent the intruders from doing anything untoward to the people in this office. And it works. My record is pristine. Not one person who I barked at has hurt anyone. 

Here’s the deal. I don’t do it for the glory. But, would a “Good boy, you saved us from this outsider who was bent on doing us harm” every once in awhile be so hard?  

Being this high-alert at all times takes a toll. That’s why I enjoy my downtime so much. 

Sometimes a guy just needs to chase a ball, ya know.

There is one frequent visitor who comes to the office. My good buddy, Kirk. He’s a solid dude. He always brings me a snack because he works with the public, too, and he gets the strain I’m under. I dressed up like him for Halloween as a sign of my great respect for him.

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Here we are together:


Another one of my tasks is supervising Kelsey when she takes the trash and recycling out. You don’t know who could be hiding around here, ready to strike when they think I’m not paying attention. Nice try – I’m ALWAYS paying attention.

I take a lot of pride in protecting this office and making sure stuff gets done. But my favorite task during my workday is doing food inspections. Sometimes I feel like these unaware humans are clueless when it comes to the dangers that could be lurking in their food.

When someone is eating, I have to be right there, doing my job. They almost look at me like I just want to eat their food. Hardly! My aim is to make sure you’re not poisoned by that banana, Karen!

I’m able to do some of my training on the job. I have some tools here for that purpose. I’m not sure why some people refer to them as “toys,” because they’re crucial for keeping my senses sharp. I assure you, it’s not for fun. Chasing stuff is how I stay in shape. You can’t predict when that ding-dong is going to sound and I have to be ready.

Here’s me with one of my training tools. 


See what I mean? This is serious business.

At this point, you’re probably wondering about my background and if I was bred for this job.

I was born in Arizona and that’s where Josh and Kelsey hired me. 


I was transferred to Ashland, Ohio with them when they took the business back to their hometown.

It was a promotion of sorts. In AZ, I managed a home office of three people. Now, I’m in charge of six. 

Honestly, the move has been good for me and I feel pretty settled. I’m currently gearing up for my next challenge. Josh and Kelsey are opening up a coworking space in our office so I’m going to be busier than ever. 

It’s probably good that you caught up with me now. I may be hard-pressed for time in the very near future.

Gotta go – I just heard the ding-dong. It never ends around here. It’s a good thing they have me.


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