5 Steps to Mastering Your Keynote Speaker Marketing Strategy

August 20, 2018

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5 Steps to Mastering Your Keynote Speaker Marketing Strategy

5 Steps to Mastering Your Keynote Speaker Marketing Strategy

  1. Find your Unique Selling Point (USP).
  2. Pinpoint your target market.
  3. Demonstrate your solution.
  4. Focus on your strategies.
  5. Put your strategies into action.

Wingin’ it is not a great keynote speaker marketing strategy.

Your career won’t even get off the ground without a solid plan to put into action.

How can you turn things around?

The answer is here.

Follow these steps to create a marketing strategy that will create awareness about you and your products and services – and drive revenue.

Here’s what you need to know about a keynote speaker marketing strategy.

1. You Need a Unique Selling Point (USP)

There isn’t a shortage of keynote speakers. You’re not a dying breed.

You have to determine what makes you different from the masses.

Don’t let anyone else determine what you’re all about. Chances are – it won’t be accurate and it will be to your detriment.

Once you figure out why you’re different than all the other keynote speakers out there, write it down. This is your Unique Selling Point (USP).

2. Find Out Who Needs You

So, you’ve determined your USP. What now?

Before you can hone in on your target market, you have to know who they are.

Who are the people who could benefit from your content?

Those are YOUR people. Your target market.

Your keynote speaker marketing strategy is almost ready to launch.

3. Demonstrate Your Solution

You have a USP and you know who your audience is.

To market yourself, you have to show how what you have to offer is the solution your audience has been waiting for.

Be clear about how their lives will change for the better when they have what you’re offering – whether it’s a product or a service.

When you demonstrate your solution, prospects will flock to you.

4. Focus On Strategy

With your defined USP, target market and detailed solutions, you have a solid foundation.

The next step is to decide on how to get the word out.

How are you going to let your audience know you exist and they need you?

What are their social media habits? Where do they “hang-out” professionally?

Create keynote speaker marketing strategy that will reach your audience.

5. Marketing Strategies For Keynote Speakers In Action

Now that you have a blueprint for WHAT you need to do, it’s time to think about HOW you’re going to do it.

Here are some examples of how to put feet on your ideas.

  • Public relations. This is a marketing strategy many keynote speakers need to put some thought into, especially if you’re publishing a book.
  • Inbound marketing. Successfully selling your digital course requires a solid inbound strategy.
  • Content marketing. It’s the perfect vehicle for building your brand’s awareness.

Put these keynote speaker marketing strategies into action and experience more buzz than you’ve ever had before.

Final Thoughts

Take a deep breath.

It’s not as daunting as it may seem if you take these keynote speaker marketing strategies one step at a time.

Find your USP and determine your target market. Once you have that under control, you can move on to defining a solution and putting your plan into action.

Be willing to adjust your methods as necessary and keep your eye on the prize – a successful, fulfilling keynote speaking career that brings in the kind of revenue you’ve always wanted.

Which of these steps could you use some help implementing?

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