Custom Marketing Plan Template Guarantees Marketing ROI

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Custom Marketing Plan Template Guarantees Marketing ROI

Editor’s note: This post was originally published on 2/26/18 and has been updated for accuracy and comprehension.

Let’s be real honest.

You can talk to any marketing agency and they’ll try to sell you the moon.

But the truth is, most marketing agencies have a preset marketing plan or campaign that they run all of their clients through. 

You can’t fault them for taking this approach though.

It saves them time and increases their profitability. 

But it’s not great for you!

kermit the frog

We do things a little differently at Flight Media.

We customize EVERYTHING.

That’s because your business is not like your competitor’s and it’s definitely different than a business in a separate industry.

That customization is what helps us guarantee return on marketing investments.

And truthfully, we learned that the hard way. We’ve worked with some great clients. And they loved working with us, but they ultimately left our agency because we couldn’t get results.

everyone is now sad

This tough lesson taught us to put marketing ROI first. 

It made us take a hard look at ourselves, what we were doing, and what kind of values we wanted to pursue as a business. Integrity was one of them. :)

And we’ve never looked back.

Using ROI as a measurement in everything we do caused our business to take a drastic turn – for the better.

To guarantee return on investment in marketing, you need an approach that’s customized to your needs, your products or services, your customers and your region.

That’s what this guide is all about.

We’re going to walk you through several customized marketing examples – plans we created for real clients and their actual results – and we’ll give you a marketing checklist and template to use to build your own custom marketing plan.

Custom Marketing Examples: How to Crush Your Marketing ROI 

If you’re like most companies, you probably focus heavily on fixing sales. Getting the best leads. Cold calling. Whatever will work.

But it’s complicated. 

Sales is tied to marketing is tied to branding…

Stop the madness!


If you’re spinning your wheels, writing blogs without a clear-cut strategy, offering any discount you can think of, sending random emails….

If you don’t have a team member with true marketing expertise…

If you’re tired of using cookie-cutter marketing campaigns that never work…

Customized marketing is the solution – and it’s what delivers marketing ROI.

We hear from prospects (and work with our own clients) every day who are throwing whatever marketing and sales tactics they can think of at the wall, and hoping SOMETHING sticks.

So we know that cookie-cutter marketing does NOT work. Your business is unique. Your customers are unique. What works for your competition may not necessarily work for you.

You need marketing examples and campaigns that are customized to what you need, and will match your goals and your customers’ needs. That pure gold that ensures return on marketing investment.

The Problem

If you don’t have an email list, you can’t use a standard email series to get sales and expect results.

If you don’t have a lead-generating campaign going, you shouldn’t be focusing on a way to close sales.

It’s the cart-before-the-horse conundrum.

You need to focus on building foundations first so you can dive into details like segmenting your email list. You can also plan to reduce your ad budget IF you invest in the long-term organic gains that writing blog content offers – as long as you’re ready to wait. Organic takes time.

So let’s dive in: Here are custom marketing examples we’ve built for our own clients, with data-backed proof.

The Solution: Customized Marketing Plans

Bespoke Marketing Example #1

One of our clients is a speaker, author and consultant. 

He had a robust email list but didn’t know how to monetize it. 

He and his team also wanted to grow the list but didn’t have the marketing expertise to know how to effectively accomplish that goal.

We generated a Join By Text campaign for him, and over six months he amassed nearly 6,000 new email list subscribers – just by asking people in the audience at his speaking events to “join his list by text message.”

We also created two automated funnel campaigns, generating almost $7,000 in the first month. 

The first campaign was a “Free Book Funnel,” offering his audience a free book, paying shipping and handling fees only. We also included several upsells on the back end of the Free Book Funnel, which included several book bundles and access to an ongoing Mastermind membership site.

The second automated funnel was for a webinar (or digital product). On the back end of the webinar, he upsold the audience into two options:

  • A course worth several hundred dollars.
  • A one-on-one call with our client.

This is the email we sent his team after the first month to “close the loop” between marketing and sales.

custom marketing client email

Custom Marketing Example #2

One of our clients, an insurance brokerage agency, started working with us, and they didn’t have a blog.

We created a blog strategy to generate content based on their audience’s pain points and challenges.

After two years of blogging (and generating a huge uptick in organic traffic), we compared the number of leads the blogs had generated versus their free offers/lead magnets.

leads generated from custom marketing plan

Their lead magnets generated 451 leads. While the blog generated 743.

blogging leads generated

For this client and their target customer, the blog strategy helped generate awareness, educate, and solve problems. The client generated huge interest, and we funneled these leads into segmented video email courses to drive them to become customers.


Customizable Marketing Example #3

Another client came to us with a thriving business, but they didn’t have a strong organic presence. They weren’t blogging at all, so we created a content strategy to grow their organic traffic. 

We built the blogging strategy based on their audience’s pain points and started blogging once a week.


Once we created content, we were able to repurpose that content to build more free offers for this client.

It’s important to build CTAs (lead magnets or content upgrades) on each blog page that match what the blogs talk about. You’ll get much better conversions (people who trade their email contact information in exchange for the free content) when the blog pages have a targeted lead magnet to match it.

google analytics marekting plan results

At present, after having blogged for two months, the client’s overall organic traffic has increased dramatically, compared to the previous year (where they received only a handful of views weekly).

2,372 pageviews, 1,922 unique pageviews, and 1:25 min. average time on page (see image below) in just two months.

google analytics blog pageviews

Keep in mind, this client’s targeted audience is comprised of businesses in six narrow industries who need emergency freight shipping services.

Over the same time period the previous year, the client didn’t have tracking installed on their website, so we are unable to see how many views were generated.

Personalized Marketing Example #4

Another client we work with sells residential and commercial floor cleaning services.

The customized marketing plan we created for them included a content strategy that consisted of regular blogging (once per week), creating targeted offers for each blog, adding a blog CTA to every blog, and placing a call-tracking number on their blogs and website pages.

As of result of these actions, in the last 180 days, we generated close to 900 phone calls that turned into over 15K in revenue.

This same client had a robust email list. So this custom example of a marketing plan included a quick-win campaign. Using a lead magnet, we targeted their biggest audience (residential customers) and created an offer for them. 

In the meantime, we crafted a separate strategy to grow their email list of commercial leads (a longer-term strategy that requires certain steps to build the list, before we can monetize it.)

Next Steps

If you’re tired of a cookie-cutter approach, throwing every marketing strategy you come across into the mix – and crossing your fingers that the campaigns will guarantee marketing ROI – we give you permission to throw in this broken towel!

throw the damn towel

Take a look at the next tool, a customizable marketing checklist, you can use to create your own personalized marketing plan.

Tailor-Made-To-Your-Needs Marketing Checklist

There are lots of marketing checklists out there, but none of them tell you WHAT to create and WHEN.

Our marketing checklist for creating a custom marketing campaign walks you through strategy, so you can determine if you have the foundational pieces in place to build upon, whether you need to conduct a quick-win campaign or if you’re seeking long-term wins, and how to put it all together.

How to Build Your Tailored Marketing Campaign

Do you have a website?

  • Yes. Move to the next question.
  • No. Build a minimum viable product: a website with a few key pages, like a home page, services page, about page and contact page. Tools like ClickFunnels are a perfect fit if you want to build a small website without too much hassle. Be sure to follow best website design practices.

Do you have an email list?

  • Yes. Focus on monetizing your list/getting sales. Segment the list into separate audiences based on pain points or buying stage, and create targeted email campaigns that sell your services and products.

  • No. Create campaigns to grow the list. Create free offers that match your blogs to get people to sign up for the free resources. Build an ad campaign to gather email addresses. Keep your content up-to-date and make it as helpful and specific as possible. Only great content converts leads.

Do you blog?

  • Yes. Repurpose content to create free offers that match blog topics to build your list and get sales. You can put several blogs together and turn them into an ebook (tools like can help with that), or use just one blog that offers out-of-this-world value. 

  • No. Create a content strategy to blog about your services, audience pain points, and benefits people will gain from working with you. Every new post is an opportunity for you to email your entire list. Blogging helps your rankings and, if you optimize them correctly with call-to-action buttons and pop-ups, to convert new leads – and generate revenue. 

Do you need to generate awareness? 

  • Yes. Blog (see above) and create social media profiles – and get posting! 

  • No. Focus on other efforts on the checklist.

Do you need more leads?

  • Yes. If you don’t have an email list, your marketing plan should be to build one. Use “Join By Text,” a tool that lets your audience subscribe by texting, if you have the opportunity to get in front of a live audience. Check above for more options on how to grow your leads.  If you do have a list, and it’s robust, your marketing plan should focus on segmenting it and getting leads and customers from it.
  • No. We don’t believe you. Who doesn’t need more leads???

Do you need more sales?

  • Yes. Everyone needs more sales – and creative ways to get those sales! Create blogs and install phone tracking software to get insights about what blog topics your audience is interested in, and to track phone calls/sales to your content. Set notifications that alert your sales team whenever your subscribers take action on your emails or website, so they can properly follow up and offer your services.

  • No. We don’t believe you – again (and we’re a pretty trusting team). Who doesn’t need more sales??? See above.

What are your goals?

Quick-Win Campaign To Generate Sales Right Away:

If your goal is to grow revenue right away, focus on your robust email list (see above) or generate a paid advertising campaign.

If you have a product and an email list, create a system to generate revenue from it. For example, build an automated funnel like on-demand video or an evergreen webinar.

Long-Term Plays To Generate Sales:

If you’re committed to the long game and want to win over time, focus on generating organic growth through regular blogging and building pillar pages.

We had a client who generated 743 leads from their blogs, as compared to 451 leads from their free offers/lead magnets over the span of three years.

Another client we worked with for 18 months gained significant organic growth, but then stopped blogging. As a result, their organic traffic dipped by 150%.

Next Steps

You’re one step closer to tossing cookie-cutter marketing plan templates in the trash and crafting a customized marketing approach to guarantee marketing ROI: Here’s your marketing template.

Custom Marketing Plan Template 

One of the critical components any business needs – regardless of size, industry or service – is a lead magnet. 

Something to collect email addresses, get people on a call, drive sales, or increase your qualified leads. 

This custom marketing plan template will walk you through how to create one of the most effective types of lead magnets: an on-demand video training.

What Is An On-Demand Video Training?

This type of lead magnet is simply a video training that you record. 

You’ll generate a Facebook ad campaign to distribute the video. You can also add it to your website – within blogs, as a pop-up, etc.

Anyone who signs up to watch it (and gives you their contact information in exchange) can watch it anytime. That’s why it’s “on demand.”


We’ve found that an on-demand training gets better traction in most cases than a webinar training, which people have to sign up to watch at a particular time.

Here are two custom marketing plan templates we use to create an on-demand video training lead magnet and go from marketing lead to sales.

Custom Marketing Plan Template

Answer these questions to strategize WHAT you will sell, what to talk about in the video, and then determine the best call-to-action.

  1. What service will you be selling?
  2. What will be the price point?
  3. Who is your audience? (It should be broad enough to capture enough leads; not so narrow that it’s limited.)
  4. What should the CTA be at the end of the video? 

Suggestions: Book Free Assessment Call, Book Free Strategy Call

  1. What are 3-4 points you can teach people in the video that they didn’t know? Each point should be 4-5 minutes long. These points should be specific to show your expertise. They should give the audience tangible advice and show them how to solve the problem on their own. The idea is to give them a teaser, part of the solution, without revealing everything. 
  2. These 3 points should also solve the audiences’ pain points and naturally lead into the next step: What do you want them to do after they watch the video? 

    • Book a call with your team?
    • Watch a demo of your product? 

Whatever it is, make sure you clearly outline for your leads what their next step should be. 

Use this information to build your on-demand video training script and watch your lead magnet take off.

The list of questions will help you get started with your on-demand video training lead magnet campaign.

But an example would be even more helpful, right? 

a thousand times yes

Here is an on-demand video we’ve generated (using the outline above) for one of our own custom marketing campaigns that got almost 1000 leads in 2 months, followed by over $5K in sales. 

Next Steps

Build your marketing plan that guarantees a ROI on your marketing, and watch your competitors scratch their heads over your results.

DIY: Need more help? Visit our blog if you’re creating a customized marketing plan on your own.

Work alongside an expert: Want some advice or strategy? Schedule your free strategy session.

Need 1:1 help? Are you ready to partner with us to build your campaign? Schedule your free strategy session.

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