Marketing Growth Framework: Energize Your Brand, Get Results

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Marketing Growth Framework: Energize Your Brand, Get Results

What is a marketing growth framework?

A marketing growth framework is a customized plan for business growth and building sustainable revenue.

You’re frustrated.

Every marketing hack you’ve tried has gone over like a lead balloon.

The sound of a sad trombone is ringing in your ears 24/7. *waaahh-waaahh*



You don’t know what you need, but you know you need IT now.

That’s where a framework for marketing growth is going to come in, and save the day like Superman saved Lois Lane.

You’re going to find out what a marketing framework is, what the process is, what it includes and why it’s the solution to your growth and revenue challenges.

Marketing Growth Framework Defined

A framework for marketing growth is a customized plan or strategy that’s created with your goals – and weaknesses – in mind. This approach will give you the solid foundation you need to turn your business around or ensure strategic, sustainable growth.

It will help you:

  • Identify and solve what’s keeping you from growing.
  • Learn the parts of the sales or marketing processes you’re missing.
  • Understand exactly what you need to do differently to drive growth.
  • Bring in more – qualified – leads. 
  • Get rid of time- and money-wasting efforts that aren’t getting you anywhere.
  • Build a sustainable brand. 
  • Increase your sales. 

A marketing growth framework is the best solution for you if you know you need marketing help, your marketing team is too small to manage the pieces of your puzzle, and/or you don’t know which tactics will deliver the most bang for your buck.

Or maybe you’re tired of marketing agencies you’ve tried in the past who used a cookie-cutter approach that fell flat in the long run.

A marketing strategy framework is the answer to all the fails, false starts and losses you’ve experienced. 

attempting to put out a car fire with a hose

What Is The Marketing Growth Process?

What are the steps in the marketing growth framework process?

The steps in the marketing growth framework process include:

  1. Initial discovery session.
  2. Marketing growth framework development.
  3. Strategy review session.
  4. Execution.

There are four steps in the framework for marketing growth. Let’s take a deeper dive into each one.

1. Initial Discovery Session

During this step, we’ll meet together and take an in-depth look at your business and the services and products you provide.

We’ll also delve into the industry you’re in, what your competition looks like and who your ideal customer (buyer persona) would be.

To do this, we’ll talk about the marketing strategies you’ve used in the past, as well as what you’re currently doing.

For example, is your website getting the traffic you need? Are you using emails to connect with your audience? Does your sales approach include paid ads?

2. Marketing Framework Development

Once we’ve gathered the necessary information during the initial discovery session, our team will get to work.

We have content, email, CRO, SEO and paid ad specialists who will put their heads together to examine the data you’ve provided.

We’ll align the information we’ve collected with your business goals to build a marketing plan that’s customized to your needs and that sets the stage for lasting growth.

3. Strategy Review Session

This step is the one where you get introduced to your new strategy. 

We’ll collaborate on your marketing strategy framework, walking you through each step of your customized growth marketing plan, and you’ll offer feedback so we can tweak your plan to make sure it’s a perfect fit.

4. Execution

Now it’s time for the rubber to hit the road.

Your marketing growth framework is all yours and your team is free to begin implementing it on your own.

OR – and hold on tight, because this is where it gets fun – you can partner with Flight Media to put your marketing growth strategy to work for you.

That means we take the pressure off of you and your team, and we act as an extension of your company. You can sit back, relax and watch your business grow.



What Does A Marketing Growth Strategy Include?

Remember, your marketing growth framework will be customized specifically for your business’ goals, the needs of your audience and the foundational elements you already have in place.

Putting all these pieces together, we’ll create the following strategies for you:

  • A buyer persona that nails down your target audience.
  • Sales strategies.
  • CRM recommendations.
  • A paid ad strategy to grow your revenue.
  • A website strategy that includes using StoryBrand methodology.
  • A complete competitor analysis, keyword lists, and a content strategy to build your brand and snag organic traffic.
  • An email marketing strategy that will help you connect and build a relationship with your audience.
  • Social media strategy.
  • Recommended tools
  • And a solid plan for implementation.

This inclusive marketing growth framework hits all the necessities, allowing your business to experience sustainable growth.

Marketing Framework Starting Line

You know what a marketing growth framework is, you got an inside look at the process and you’ve seen what’s included in your customized plan.

This framework will give you everything you need to solve your current challenges, increase your sales and build a sustainable brand.

What will a marketing growth framework do for you?

A marketing growth framework will:

  1. Solve the growth challenges you’re currently struggling with.
  2. Show you exactly how to drive growth.
  3. Help you build a brand that’s sustainable.
  4. Attract qualified leads to your site.
  5. End marketing pursuits that don’t get you anywhere, wasting time and money.
  6. Get you more sales.

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