11 Marketing Goals That Will Help You Get Results

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11 Marketing Goals That Will Help You Get Results

Smart Marketing Goals

  1. Rock your email marketing.
  2. Drive LinkedIn engagement.
  3. Get your blog on.
  4. Use video.
  5. Follow trends.
  6. Get powerful social media results.
  7. Optimize AdWords.
  8. Get visual.
  9. Use the right social media platforms.
  10. Go full-force with your B2B tactics.
  11. Ride on the coattails of influencers.

The great thing about Google is that any business owner, salesperson or marketing team member can look up information about almost any topic and become a near-expert.

The bad thing about Google is that said search can send you on a wild goose chase. There is SO MUCH INFORMATION you can easily become overwhelmed and confused.

Enter this marketing goals article.

We’ve done all the legwork for you, searched the depths of Google and back in order to present you with this list of GREAT information you can use to create a rockin’ marketing strategy and FINALLY reach your goals!


We compiled infographics, so you won’t have to wade through a bunch of text to root out the most important points.

Just glance over the infographics, choose what applies to you, and take notes!


Goal #1: Rock Your Email Marketing

Adperfect’s infographic will guide your email strategy.

It covers all the critical points, like the most popular tactics, testing and send times.

It’s the ultimate cheat sheet for email!


Goal #2: Drive LinkedIn Engagement

Want to reach more people on LinkedIn?

Use this infographic to learn exactly how you’ll benefit from investing in the social media platform. From branding to networking to recruiting, LinkedIn is THE place to be.


(Source LinkedIn)

Goal #3: Get Your Blog On

Businesses that blog generate more leads and consumers see them as more trustworthy.

Make this year the time you actually get serious about adding blogging to your marketing goals and strategies.

This infographic provides proof that creating fresh and frequent content will give you an edge.


(Source Website Builder)

Goal #4: Use Video To Crush Your Marketing Goals

Perhaps one of the best marketing goals you can pursue in 2019, video reaches tons of consumers in every demographic.

This infographic from Dreamgrow will convince you to invest in video as it’s accessible to every business owner and it’s how customers consume content.


Goal #5: Follow Trends

This is not middle school, where you blindly follow trends just to fit in.

Your business HAS to keep up with trends, or you’ll find yourself on the “outs” with the popular kids (like Millennials).

Find out if your marketing strategy matches up with trends. This infographic from Pyxl shows you the latest.


Goal #6: Get Powerful Social Media Results

Depending on your industry and goals, you can harness the power of hashtags  – and ride the hashtag bandwagon all the way to the bank.

And the best thing? You won’t need to invest a dime but you’ll get big results.

This video shows you how to use hashtags to quickly build a following on social media.

Goal #7: Optimize Adwords

It’s complicated and time-consuming – if you let it be that way.

This infographic guide walks you through steps to manage your keywords, change locations, increase quality scores and more – everything you need to decrease your AdWords budget.


To view the full infographic, click here.

Goal #8: Get Visual

Consumers are becoming more and more visual, and so should your business’ marketing goals.

Take a look at the stats in this infographic to see how effective visual content is.



Goal #9: Use the Right Social Media Platforms

Facebook or Instagram?

YouTube or LinkedIn?

Which platform is the best?

You’ll find out how to invest your social media dollars so you get the most return on investment and learn which platform in the best for brands and reach.


Goal #10: Go Full Force With Your B2B Tactics

B2B marketing is a thing of beauty – when it’s working.

This infographic will walk you through the seven steps to pulling all of the details together and covering all the bases so your B2B marketing shines.


To view the full infographic, click here.

Goal #11: Ride on the Coattails of Influencers

Could your brand benefit from influencer marketing?

Consumers are persuaded to try a new brand if someone they admire and follow recommends it. Here’s all you need to know.



Final Thoughts

From rockin’ your email marketing to optimizing AdWords and using visual content to your advantage, you’ve got 11 new goals to add to your marketing arsenal.

Your next step is to implement a strategy to kick it into high gear and meet those milestones.

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