Custom Marketing Campaign Checklist: Personalize Your Strategy

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Custom Marketing Campaign Checklist: Personalize Your Strategy

Note: This blog is part of a three-blog series on creating custom marketing campaigns. In part 1, we focus on real custom marketing examples we created for our clients. In part 2 below, we created a custom marketing checklist to help you cover all the bases. In part 3, we give you some templates to help you build your own campaigns, customized to your business and your needs. Let’s dive in.

There are lots of marketing campaign checklists out there (like this one or this one), but none of them tell you WHAT to create and WHEN.

Our checklist for creating a custom marketing campaign walks you through strategy, so you can determine if you have the foundational pieces in place to build upon, whether you need to conduct a quick-win campaign or if you’re seeking long-term wins, and how to put it all together.

Here’s how to get started.

Building Your Custom Campaign

Do you have a website?

  • Yes. Move to the next question.
  • No. Build a minimum viable product: a website with a few key pages, like a home page, services page, about page and contact page. Tools like ClickFunnels are a perfect fit if you want to build a small website without too much hassle. Be sure to follow best website design practices.

Do you have an email list?

  • Yes. Focus on monetizing your list/getting sales. Segment the list into separate audiences based on pain points or buying stage, and create targeted email campaigns that sell your services and products.
  • No. Create campaigns to grow the list. Create free offers that match your blogs to get people to sign up for the free resources. Build an ad campaign to gather email addresses. Keep your content up-to-date and make it as helpful and specific as possible. Only great content converts leads.

Do you blog?

  • Yes. Repurpose content to create free offers that match blog topics to build your list and get sales. You can put several blogs together and turn them into an ebook (tools like can help with that), or use just one blog that offers out-of-this-world value. 
  • No. Create a content strategy to blog about your services, audience pain points, and benefits people will gain from working with you. Every new post is an opportunity for you to email your entire list. Blogging helps your rankings and, if you optimise them correctly with call-to-action buttons and pop-ups, to convert new leads  – and generate revenue. 

Do you need to generate awareness? 

  • Yes. Blog (see above) and create social media profiles – and get posting! 
  • No. Focus on other efforts on the checklist.

Do you need more leads?

  • Yes. If you don’t have an email list, your marketing plan should be to build one. Use “Join By Text,” a tool that lets your audience subscribe by texting, if you have the opportunity to get in front of a live audience. Check above for more options on how to grow your leads

If you do have a list, and it’s robust, your marketing plan should focus on segmenting it and getting leads and customers from it.

  • No. We don’t believe you. Who doesn’t need more leads???

Do you need more sales?

  • Yes. Everyone needs more sales – and creative ways to get those sales! Create blogs and install phone tracking software to get insights about what blog topics your audience is interested in, and to track phone calls/sales to your content. Set notifications that alert your sales team whenever your subscribers take action on your emails or website, so they can properly follow up and offer your services.
  • No. We don’t believe you - again (and we’re a pretty trusting team). Who doesn’t need more sales??? See above.

What are your goals?

Quick-Win Campaign To Generate Sales Right Away:

If your goal is to grow revenue right away, focus on your robust email list (see above) or generate a paid advertising campaign.

If you have a product and an email list, create a system to generate revenue from it. For example, build an automated funnel like on-demand video or an evergreen webinar.

Long-Term Plays To Generate Sales:

If you’re committed to the long game and want to win over time, focus on generating organic growth through regular blogging and building pillar pages.

We had a client who generated 743 leads from their blogs, as compared to 451 leads from their free offers/lead magnets over the span of three years.

Another client we worked with for 18 months gained significant organic growth, but then stopped blogging. As a result, their organic traffic dipped by 150%.

Final Thoughts

Stop following cookie-cutter marketing plan templates and customize your approach to where your business’ digital marketing and sales efforts are at.

Use this custom marketing checklist and get started on your growth!

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