5 Lead Generation Tactics That Work Every Time

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5 Lead Generation Tactics That Work Every Time

Editor’s note: This post was originally published on 1/3/17 and has been updated for accuracy and comprehension.

What are 5 lead-generation tactics that work every time?

Lead-generation tactics that consistently get great results include:

  1. Sharing success stories
  2. Making a video
  3. Giving away free stuff
  4. Building a case study
  5. Creating really specific content

It’s the trifecta of sales.

A viable STOREHOUSE of leads.

Leads who WANT to hear from you.

Leads who are ready to BUY.

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But it’s not so easy to get, is it?

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If you’re still relying on outdated methods to fill the top of your sales funnel – don’t be shy, you’re probably still cold-calling and maybe even, GASP, buying email lists – the efforts you put into pounding the sales pavement are probably dismal at best.

And if you’re honest, the leads that you actually talk to DON’T want to hear what you have to say and they probably aren’t ready to buy either.


I can hear your sales bubble being deflated at this very moment.

I’m here to tell you, the lead-generation trifecta IS possible.

If you want to bring your lead-generation tactics out of the dark ages and into the modern era (what this really means is you want to jump-start lead generation and REALLY get results), then try some of these strategies.

Lead-Generation Tactics That Work

1. Share Success Stories

Before someone buys, they first need to view you as an authority in the industry.

For example, if you’re a personal trainer and weighed 300 lbs, ate unhealthily, and rarely worked out, would someone view you as an expert in fitness & health?

Probably not.


That’s why it’s important to qualify yourself as an expert on the subject matter in your industry before anything else.

One way you can build your authority is by interviewing industry experts or your clients and then sharing those stories. This is a great way to provide value to your prospects and position your own brand as an authority. 

If you have your own success story, even better.

(That’s why we’re huge fans of sharing numbers.)

We use them in blog posts, sales presentations, webinars, etc. We’ve learned that numbers speak truth to both prospects and viewers.

2. Make A Video

Your products or services solve a problem, so share how your brand does it through a video.

Consumers love video as a format. Keep it brief and focus on the solution to a problem, and your prospects will come running to take the next step – whether that’s downloading an ebook, reading a case study, or requesting a consultation.

Free, educational content will be one of the largest tools in generating leads. You might hear someone say, “Don’t give away the farm!”

I say, “Give it away because they’ll quickly learn that it takes you to make it run properly.”

Owen Hemsath from The Video Spot does an incredible job utilizing video to educate viewers and convert leads. I highly recommend you check his flow out for your video creation. 😊

3. Give Away Free Stuff

The classic Free Offer.

You must have one…or twelve.

Write an ebook, host a webinar, complete a case study, or create a checklist that requires someone to provide information in order to download.

Ebooks are, by far, the most effective lead-generation tool – in our experience. Webinars are incredible, so long as you can keep up or convert them into an evergreen funnel.

Can you say, new, qualified leads?


4. Build A Case Study

Nothing attracts prospects like a true story.

Creating a case study of how your business either failed and learned from it or succeeded using a specific strategy will interest your potential prospects.

Think about ways you solved a growth problem or built a sales funnel, and give prospects unique insights.

The transparency of a case study also builds trust.

This is super important: Prospects will see that you’re completely transparent about what you do, and it helps break through those trust barriers prospects have before putting their faith in your business.

That’s why we’ve also rolled out a “Success Stories” tab on our website!


5. Create Really Specific Content

It’s easy for prospects to find information on the web.

But if we’re honest, a lot of it is very general. Prospects are looking for tangible answers to their questions and solutions to their problems.

So why not engage these prospects with a really in-depth solution/answer?

Bryan Harris does a great job when he writes 20,000-word blog posts that get tens of thousands of views.

(That’s an extreme example, but we’ve learned that the longer and more in-depth your posts are, the more people share and comment, and the better it ranks in Mother Google.)

Here’s an example of an in-depth blog we posted: 25 Experts Share Their Best Tips On How To Land High-Profile Speaking Gigs

Final Thoughts

Lead-generation is a necessary evil if you want to drive revenue. So let’s turn it on its head. 

Instead of drudgery, these lead-generation tactics will turn your efforts into a very enjoyable, successful endeavor. 

And make your sales (and marketing) team the talk of the company. 

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