Keynote Speakers: Here’s How to Take Your Marketing Strategy From Zero to Hero

April 2, 2018

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Keynote Speakers: Here’s How to Take Your Marketing Strategy From Zero to Hero

How to Take Your Marketing Strategy From Zero to Hero

  1. Define your business.
  2. Highlight your target market.
  3. Decide on transformation.
  4. Tune into strategies.
  5. Highlight methods.

Does your marketing strategy survive by hope and a prayer?

Is it comprised of little more than thoughts scratched on a cocktail napkin?

More intuition than science or strategy?

If your keynote speaker marketing strategy is hovering around “zero,” it’s time to give it some time, beef it up, and take it to hero status.

Here’s how.

1.Define Your Business

There’s other keynote speakers out there. So how do you stand out from the crowd?

Take some time to outline what makes you different. If you don’t, someone else will  – and it could be the wrong definition.

When you come up with your differentiation, write down this unique selling proposition (USP).

2. Highlight Your Target Market

Now that you know your USP, it’s time to connect that to your target market.

What group of people need what you have to offer?

What businesses or associations need you as a keynote speaker?

Which consumers would eat up your content?

This is your target market.

Here's our client Kaplan Mobray, keynote speaker and author, rocking the sax.

He loves to surprise his audience with a few musical notes during his keynote – and he's great at it.

Definitely a great way to stand out and be memorable!"

3. Decide on Transformation

With your USP and audience in mind, the next connection involves benefits.

In order to market your services, you need to connect the dots between services and transformation.

How will you help people change? Transform?

If you can convince people that your products and services will provide a tangible benefit, you’ll turn prospects into customers.

4. Tune into Strategies

With this foundation laid, it’s time to figure out HOW to reach your audience.

Is the audience on LinkedIn or Facebook?

Will they be at trade shows or in Mastermind groups?

Come up with a few marketing strategies that you’ll put into play, and watch people respond to your message.

5. Highlight Methods

Now that you’ve decided on the “how,” let’s focus on the what. The best keynote speaker marketing strategies may include public relations (if you’re publishing a book), inbound marketing (if you’re selling a digital course), or content marketing (if you want to build awareness)  – or in all likelihood, a combination of these.

Final Thoughts

A few more thoughts before you set your plans into action include:

  • Your budget. Do you have money set aside to invest in these strategies?
  • Your time. Do you have enough time to devote to these tactics?
  • Your metrics. Do you know how to measure your plan’s effectiveness?

If you’re already overwhelmed at the steps it takes to build a strong keynote speaker marketing plan, take a breath. It’s one step at a time. Start with a foundation of your USP and audience, build on it by selecting the “how” and “what,” and take the time to evaluate each step  – and be willing to pivot when necessary.

Also, consider how a marketing agency can help you achieve your goals.

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