Keynote Speakers: Here’s How to Duplicate Yourself (Without Hiring an Employee)

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Keynote Speakers: Here’s How to Duplicate Yourself (Without Hiring an Employee)

As a keynote speaker, you only have a finite amount of time to speak and write.

It’s just not possible to speak 365 days a year, even though earning a speaking fee every day would be nice.

There’s travel time to think about, preparations that must be made, and then, of course, you need time to work ON the business – and physically rest, too.


Since there’s a cap to how much you can duplicate yourself in terms of speaking and writing, you need to be more productive in other ways.

By streamlining your marketing and sales processes, you will become more productive, free up some time to speak and write more (if you still have capacity) and make money while you’re sleeping.

Automation Is The Holy Grail For Keynote Speakers

Automating the tasks in your speaking business should be priority number one, as it’s the most effective way to streamline your operations, grow and generate revenue.

This will free up a ton of time in your personal schedule so you can write that next book or give you the ability to book more speaking gigs.

Automating marketing and sales is like having a full-time employee working for you, performing follow-up and keeping track of prospects and leads. You’ll become more effective at prospecting, book more and higher-paying events, and drive sales.


Here are a few ways to automate sales.


Imagine if you got an email every time a prospect sent you an RFP for a speaking engagement.

You wouldn’t have to spend time manually checking for them. In addition, promptly responding to an RFP will increase the chances that you’ll be hired for the speaking event.


Lead Sequences

Now, picture your success increasing incrementally by creating a follow-up sales sequence to send to companies that fill out an RFP.

This sequence of emails would provide value, position you as an authority in the industry, and engage prospects.


Here’s how you would set it up: Automatically send an email reply to a prospect that reaches out to schedule you for a possible keynote event, workshop or consultation.

If the prospects don’t reply to the email, you can schedule another one to go after a few days. If they don’t respond to this email, you can schedule another email to go out a few days after that.

The ability to capture a lead’s email and then send tailored messages will drive your speaking biz in a way that you just can’t do on your own.


In addition, this is how customers today want to communicate. They don’t want a phone call right away. They want to check you out online, learn more about you, and then connect.

Ultimately, automating sales helps you to duplicate yourself as a keynote speaker without hiring an assistant. Do the work once, and it will keep on working behind the scenes.


Automating your marketing will create an explosion of awareness, giving you an incredible tool to maximize your reach, increase awareness, and drive leads to your site – that your sales sequences and automation will turn into more customers and sales.

Here are a few ways to automate your marketing to free up your time and duplicate yourself:

  • Employ Rich Site Summary (or RSS) emails to automatically send your contact list a message whenever you publish a new blog – without having to write a single email. You can also RSS your newsletter. Instead of having to write one from scratch each week or month, it will automatically populate a template with content.

  • Create ebooks to give away for free on your website and landing pages and prompt people to exchange their email addresses to grow your email list. The same goes for webinars. Generating an “evergreen webinar,” or a workshop that you can replay over and over again once you create it, is a wise time investment that will reap rewards over and over.


These digital products and books are also a create-it-and-forget-it asset. Generate it once, and it will continue to work for you, attracting people to your brand, increasing awareness, and growing your business.

Final Thoughts

Duplicating yourself by automating your marketing processes will support your sales efforts and maximize the time you spend working ON your business.

The future of your keynote speaking business depends on what you do NOW to invest in its growth.


Consider automating your sales and marketing and you’ll reap a host of benefits. If you want to increase your keynote speaking fee, free up your time, and duplicate your efforts, now’s the time to create a strategy.

Have you had success with automating sales and marketing?

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