Don’t Listen to Entrepreneur: This Keynote Speaker Marketing Strategy Is What’s Really Working

March 26, 2018

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Don’t Listen to Entrepreneur: This Keynote Speaker Marketing Strategy Is What’s Really Working

The Keynote Marketing Strategy That’s Really Working

  1. Inbound marketing sets up an automation system like no other.
  2. An inbound strategy makes you money while you sleep.
  3. Setting yourself up for recurring revenue.

Giving GREAT keynotes and motivational speeches is absolutely necessary.

Knock their socks off by giving actionable tips, and you’ll be invited back.

Word-of-mouth recommendations will start an avalanche of RFPs too.

But what about great marketing?

As a keynote speaker, you can’t put your marketing on the backburner, especially in the digital age when every speaker under the sun is running SOME kind of marketing strategy online.

You have to be online, too.

But expert advice is contradictory.

Here’s what Entrepreneur suggests you do in their article “The 5 Steps to Marketing Yourself as a Speaker”:

  1. Spend copious amounts of time finding organizations that are holding meetings in the next 16 months and need a speaker.
  2. Spend more time researching the people who are planning those meetings and are looking for a keynote speaker.
  3. Now, stay in front of your computer and poke around of their contact info.
  4. Write a pitch.
  5. Send each person an email, follow-up with a phone call, then email again. Rinse. Repeat.

Are you tired yet? We are!


And who has time for all of this research (especially when there’s a more effective way), much less, the organizational skills to keep track of it all?

Now, if you followed their advice, where would you be in 10 years?

Would you be making any recurring revenue?

Would you be traveling 300 days per year, depleted from giving talk after talk and racking up miles like you’re the King or Queen of American Airlines?

When you trade time for dollars, this is what life looks like. And worse, you end up with an unpredictable cash flow and less time for your personal life.

This strategy isn’t sustainable.

But an inbound marketing strategy uniquely designed for a motivational speaker and author is!

In fact, it’s not just sustainable. It’s more effective, plain and simple.

Here’s why.

1.Inbound marketing sets up an automation system like no other.

Now, let’s back up a bit.

Just because you use inbound marketing, doesn’t mean you’ll give up speaking or writing entirely.

But it will power the speaking and writing you do.

Think about it:

You speak at a major event, and 5,000 attend. At this event, you offer the audience a way to join your email list through text.

Let’s say half the audience joins. That’s 2,500 new contacts added to your email list.

Even if only 10% of the people decided to join, that would be 500 new contacts instantly. And these are not just any contacts – they’re hot leads.

People that saw you in action and loved you so much that they decided to become a part of your tribe on the spot.

You send these contacts a “workflow,” a series of emails that educate them about a particular topic (perhaps leadership), grows you authority as an expert.

Without seeing these contacts face-to-face, and having to travel and speak, you’re engaging them. You’re getting in front of them every week.

At the end of the workflow, you send them to a special offer. Let’s say that 100 of them opt to buy the special offer. This could be a webinar or Master Class for $199.

That’s $19,900 in revenue you’ll make from doing nothing (after you set it all up)  – in one month.

Now, you attend your next keynote speaking gig. And the same thing happens. People sign up for your list, get the workflow, and buy the offer.

Every month, you’d be making bank from a system that’s automated.

You have the potential to make $20K EVERY MONTH, from a system you set up once and that takes 10-20 hours to create.

That’s automation at work!


2. An Inbound strategy makes you money while you sleep.

And travel less.

The above example speaks for itself.

But let’s take it a step further and examine these inbound marketing methods.

The $199 webinar or Master Class engaged 100 people.

These are what we call “hot leads.”

You’ll take these hot leads and offer them something more in depth and valuable, like a Mastermind Group for $999.

Perhaps only 20 who purchased the first offer are ready to invest in themselves again.

That’s another $20K of revenue you pull in every month (on top of the $20K you’re making from the first product).

Meanwhile, you’re still engaging the people who didn’t invest in the first webinar, Master Class or Mastermind with an additional workflow.

Behind the scenes, these inbound marketing strategies keep nurturing leads to invest in products and services, creating a snowball revenue effect.

While you’re sleeping, traveling less, and spending time with family.

3. Setting yourself up for recurring revenue.

Investing in digital products is the key to creating a recurring revenue stream.

Yes, you’ll have to invest time in creating the materials, but it’s entirely scalable. You won’t have to hire a 20-person team.

But you will probably need some help. As an inbound marketing agency, we specialize in helping keynote speakers and authors create a customized strategy to grow profits.

Our proprietary strategy involves creating a small ticket item to get people to join your email list (a free ebook, a physical book they pay for, a speaking event, etc.), and then nurturing them through to a higher priced item, and even bigger ticket item, and then may be a subscription product.

Getting started

You have specialized knowledge to impart to an audience that needs solutions.

But you can’t sustain a heavy travel schedule.

With an inbound marketing tailored for motivational speakers and authors, you can build the business you dreamed of when you started out.

What components of inbound marketing are working for you now? And what could you add to help your business really take off?

Ultimate Guide To Inbound Marketing

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