How to Jump-Start Your Content Strategy

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How to Jump-Start Your Content Strategy

Ever wondered if you could generate content better than your competitors?

Do you question if you even need to bother with blogs?

The answer for both questions is yes!

Every business, entrepreneur and organization MUST be creating content, and it’s a lot easier than you think.

Types of content to create

  • Pricing and cost articles
  • Problem articles
  • Comparison and versus articles
  • Review articles
  • Best-in-class articles

We recently gave a presentation to a group of keynote speakers and entrepreneurs about jump-starting their content strategy.

We covered topics like:

  • What is a content strategy.
  • Why you need a strategy.
  • And how to create one.

How to create your content strategy:

  • Know your audience and their problems
  • Define your strategy (blogs, emails, lead magnet)
  • Create helpful content that provides solutions
  • Distribute
  • Expand

Take a look at the presentation. It includes evidence and stats that will convince you to start creating content, even if it’s on a small scale. We’ll walk you through how to create your strategy and then implement it. 

All in all, It’ll help you solve your customer’s problems  – which is the ultimate goal your business should be pursuing.

Watch the presentation now.

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