Why Your Inbound Marketing Strategy Should Include Social Media (For Speakers) (Part 6)

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Why Your Inbound Marketing Strategy Should Include Social Media (For Speakers) (Part 6)

This is the sixth blog in a series of articles covering inbound marketing for motivational speakers and authors.

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So you’ve spoken at some workshops and events, and are probably already on your way to your next speaking gig.

You’ve done the networking.

You know HOW to book your speaking engagements.

But if you’re trying to build your brand, hopping from gig to gig isn’t cutting it.

You’re not playing in a band.

You’re building your brand.

So now you’re asking “How do I build my brand, and network, all while booking speaking engagements?”

Easily. After reading this post, of course!

Get on social media.

Using social media can help grow your brand, business, and improve your overall inbound marketing strategy.

Here’s why social media can help every part of your brand grow, and how to most effectively implement it.

The big picture

At Flight Media, we believe in the four stages of the Inbound Methodology: Attract, Convert, Close, and Delight.

Social media fits into each stage of the inbound methodology, which is what makes it so powerful.

Let’s look at each stage and how social media fits into each.

inbound marketing

Stage 1: Attract

You already know that networking is BIG in your line of work.

Without networking, no one knows you.

Well guess what? If you’re not on social media  –  NO ONE KNOWS YOU.

You’re basically non-existent; and therefore, losing out on a huge networking opportunity.

Let’s take Twitter for example.

As of 2016, there were over 300 million users. That’s 300 million people to possibly connect with  –  for free!

By being on social media, you have the potential to attract some of the billions of people to your website, your product/services, or just you.

How Do You Attract the Inbound Way?

Inbound is all about drawing people in so they become potential customers.

Publish amazing content at the right time, within the right context, to the right people on social media, and you’ll accomplish this goal.

Your content is your voice.

If you’re not posting remarkable content, your voice won’t be heard in the digital world. And as a speaker, you NEED YOUR VOICE HEARD.


There are 5 types of content you should publish to attract potential customers: internal, external, inspirational, promotional, and behind the scenes (BTS). (For more information on these types of content, check out our case study on The Most Popular Stuff You Can Post on Social Media.)

From here, you need to engage and interact with your audience.

If you’re a speaker, you’re a human, so you need to put a human face to the brand you’re representing on social media. Networking in this age is no longer just a face-to-face interaction.

You can engage your audience by:

  • Replying back to people who message or comment on your posts.
  • Like, retweet, and comment on other brand and influencer’s posts.
  • Thanking people who share your posts.

By engaging, you become a real face in a digital world, and can begin the process of converting, turning your traffic into leads, and then ultimately, customers.

Stage 2: Convert

Once you’ve attracted people, you need to convert them into leads and then customers . And you’ve guessed it: Social media can be used to do just that. As a speaker, your email list is crucial in helping you:

  • Get more regular blog readers
  • Sell more books
  • Sell more courses/products
  • Book more gigs

We already talked about the importance of posting great content on your social media.

This is where your promotional content comes into play.

Promoting what you do and how you do it on your social media can be done through calls-to-action (CTAs), forms, and landing pages.

Pro-Tip: Most people do not buy directly from social media, so by promoting free offers like ebooks, webinars or white papers, you’ll be able to grow your email list and sell to them on the back-end.

For example, we often send people from social media to THIS landing page to download our free “25 Traffic Tips” ebook.

hubspot landing page example

And once you get a lead, you move onto your next stage: Close.

Stage 3: Close

You can leverage social media to close more product sales or services by moving potential customers further into the funnel.

Once they hit the “submit” or “download” button on the landing page (like above), they are automatically moving further into your sales funnel.

Ebooks, consultations, and courses are some of the tactics speakers can use to close the deal.

From here you build your brand, develop a following, and expand your wallet.


Not too shabby! But it doesn’t stop here. You have to keep the people you attracted and converted, and closed delighted.

Stage 4: Delight

Delighting your audience is the last stage of the inbound methodology, and can be done on social media through social monitoring.

Tracking what your customers say on social media can help you build better relationships with them, as well as show you what they care about or need. (Giving you ideas for ebooks, blog posts, webinars, products, etc.)

Pro-Tip: Use tools like Hubspot to monitor all your social media in one location.

managing customers on social media

Ask These Questions:

  • What are your customers responding to most? What are they not?
  • What content seems to be getting the most conversions?
  • Does a certain time of the day seem to best when posting content?

Your inbound marketing strategy should include many pieces to build your brand, but social media is one integral part that should not be overlooked.

It contains all parts of the inbound methodology and it’s an easy way to get your voice “right.” So think about your voice.

Do you want to be heard?

Or silenced, while the digital world takes over?

As a speaker, I’m sure you’ll choose the latter.

How are you using social media to attract leads & customers?

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