How to Improve Customer Service with Social Media

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How to Improve Customer Service with Social Media

Your marketing plan should include social media to attract new customers, engage existing ones and position your brand as an authority. But did you also know that you can use social media to enhance your business’ development and retain customers?

Yep, that’s right. Social media is a great way to enhance your brand’s customer service.

Think about it. You’re probably offering some of these standard ways to help customers connect with you:

  • Looking up a phone number and calling
  • Submitting a “contact us” form
  • Sending an email
  • Talking to a customer service rep

All of these methods have their shortcomings. They’re either expensive, impersonal or cause customers to have to wait.

Social media is none of these. In fact, the tool can actually compensate for them and help you overcome customer service deficits.

Here’s how.

Get Customer Feedback

Everyone on the internet has an opinion, and you probably won’t even have to solicit it. If you’re debuting a new product or you’ve made a major business change, social media is a great vehicle for listening to the feelings and reactions of the people who provide you with revenue.

And these voices can shape the future of your business. You’ll discover what your customers like and dislike, and applying that knowledge will help you make targeted changes in your customer service to improve everyone’s experience.

Create Smart Business Plans

Getting feedback is only half the battle. What you do with it will seal the deal. Through social media, you’re able to directly respond to your audience. Asking them what they would prefer and acknowledging their concerns shows that you’re listening.

A customer who feels listened to is more likely to remain loyal, as they can sense their value to you. With the data you gather from the feedback, you can make adjustments in your business or customer service experience to improve relationships.

Use Negative Feedback To Fuel Customer Service

Positive opinions are the easiest to respond to, but on the internet, not everyone is eager to be pleasant. In general, people are quicker to complain about a negative experience than they are to share a positive one.

When customers are unhappy, they can become your harshest critics. You’re bound to get comments from people who are dissatisfied with their experience with your brand.

Don’t shy away from a negative comment on your social media profile. Believe it or not, you can turn it into a good thing.

You should always use complaints as an opportunity to display your brand’s commitment to the customer. Because social media is a public forum, all of your customers will be able to see how much your service quality means to you.

Customers Can Be Your Most Vocal Advocates

From time to time, your customers may post photos or text that relate to you. Maybe they’re using your product, or they’re talking about their recent experience with you. Sharing these things in the form of a Facebook share or a retweet shows you saw and appreciated what this customer contributed to your reputation. This may even encourage other customers to post similar content, which will boost your visibility.

Putting It All Together

By providing customers with access to support on social media, you’ll be able to outshine your competitors with outstanding service. Having real people responding to customer comments on social media instead of only directing them to a general FAQ makes for a memorable experience that’s tailored specifically to customer needs. This approach can definitely increase your brand reputation, too.

It’s not easy to pull off rock-star customer service. Ensure that you provide an excellent customer service experience on social media by putting your best service employees on the job. Remember, what goes online stays there forever, so work that to your advantage. Use social media to create an excellent record of service, and treat social media customer service as a full-time job.

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