How 1 Small Tweak Generated 132 Leads in 30 Days [Case Study]

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How 1 Small Tweak Generated 132 Leads in 30 Days [Case Study]

It’s all about leads.

Revenue, profitability, sustainability – it all comes down to who you can get into your pipeline.

The reality is, no leads = no money.

It all starts with traffic. Getting people to your website, blog and free offers.

You can and should use social media, blog regularly, and ads to attract awareness and drive people to your site.

But once they arrive there, you need a strong strategy for capturing these leads.

At Flight Media, we upped our lead-generation game and saw ah-maz-ing results.

Yep. In just 30 days, we generated 132 leads from this one tweak.

Find out how we did it, and then use the strategy for your organization.

The Tools

We implemented two new lead-generation tools:

How They Work

These lead-generating pop-up tools work like this:

  • You enter a certain condition into the tool.
  • Once a “user” meets that condition, a pop-up appears on the website.
  • In exchange for the user’s data (you can choose the data you want to capture, like email, phone number, etc.), they get a “lead magnet” in exchange (such as an ebook, demo, etc.).

And voila!

It’s a very simple strategy that gets results, as you’ll see below.

Just ASKING users at the right time for the right information encourages them to cough up their personal data.

Here are a few examples of pop-ups we created.

Exit Intent Pop-Up





We implemented this pop-up, called an “exit-intent pop-up,” whenever a user tries to “close” a website page.

So, before they leave, users have one more chance to get some great content from us for free – and this content supports one of our primary services, inbound marketing.

Slide-In Pop-Up




This pop-up “slides into” the page when a user scrolls halfway down. So, as soon as the prospect skims about 50% through the website page, they’ll see this pop-up. The strategy here is that users are more interested in our services and products, because they are working their way through the material.

We’ve matched a lead-generating tactics offer to the topic of this page, comparing CRMs.

The Results

We monitored the data over a span of 30 days, and here are the numbers:

  • OptinMonster – 109 conversions
  • Lead Flows – 23 conversions

You may wonder, why the difference in leads generated? Here’s a break down of why we used these tools together.

Lead Flows is a HubSpot product and it’s free.

OptinMonster is $392 per year.

So it may seem like a no-brainer to use Lead Flows; however, OptinMonster’s pop-ups are just plain better.

Their pop-ups offer:

  • Better design.
  • Customization.
  • Variations – such as exit intent, gate, slide-in, etc.

In addition, we use Lead Flow, which only works with blogs hosted on HubSpot, and OptinMonster doesn’t work on the HubSpot platform.

So we invested in the two tools, using OptinMonster on our website pages and Lead Flows on our HubSpot-hosted blog.

All in, we invested $392 over one year and got 132 leads in one month. That’s a great return on investment at $32.66 per month, which breaks down to $0.25 per lead!


Final Thoughts

Still not convinced?

The numbers don’t lie, but HubSpot performed their own pop-up analysis and found that the answer is a resounding, Yes!

  • Read the article to learn how AWeber’s pop-ups converted at 1375%.
  • Or convince your boss that investing in pop-ups will help your enterprise convert prospects at a 9.3% rate across your entire website. (Sumo found that the best-performing pop-up conversion rate is 9.3%).

Don’t waste the precious resources you’re investing in your website, ad campaigns and social media.

With a strategy for capturing leads when prospects land on your site, you’ll not only maximize your investment, but you’ll have leads pouring into your CRM.

And these aren’t low-quality leads. These are prospects who are interested in what you have to offer. You can confidently pass on these sales-qualified leads to your sales team.

What lead-generating tools do you use? Have you had success with a tool like Lead Flows or OptinMonster?

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