How to Use Marketing to Make Your Friends Think You're Cool

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How to Use Marketing to Make Your Friends Think You're Cool

I use marketing everywhere. In my business, with my friends, with my wife, in public, and even when I'm driving. Why? Because I'm a marketing nerd. (If you do these 40 things, you might be, too.) I split-test everything I possibly can in life. I use pricing psychology to sell stuff, I split-test to see which driving route is quickest and I constantly find myself writing social media statuses (like ad copy) to draw more attention & engagement. In fact, most stuff I post on Facebook gets upwards of 30-100 engagements almost every time. (Sad, I know..) So, here are a few way's to use marketing to make your friends think you're cool.

1. Have Boatloads of Followers

This is probably the most common thing people want. Everybody wants followers. Why? Because it looks cool. It gives a feeling of significance & when you have a lot of them, people can't help but want to know how. The good news is, this one is pretty easy to accomplish. Just use a few Twitter, Instagram and Google+ strategies, and 'WALL-AH,' you're gaining followers faster than you can say "superfragilisticexpialidocious." (I'm currently working on Instagram. Grew 600 followers in the last 1.5 months.)

2. Write Posts for Engagement

I love this one.  Whenever I write a Facebook status, I make sure it's the proper length from left to right, the important information is above the ('read more') fold and that I use words, images & symbols to grab attention of scrollers. Here's an example of a recent Facebook post: Facebook Posts For Engagement As you can see, I spaced the copy like I would in an email broadcast, I used ALL CAPS to grab the attention at the end and I had a video to create a break the text posts in the newsfeed (with intriguing text to spark curiosity.) By using good ad copy, you can easily trigger a larger amount of engagement, leaving your friends in awe of your mad posting skills.

3. Post at Peak Times

If you're a marketer, then you should know that every social network has a peak time for users. It's your job to know what time your audience is online & engaged, so you can make the largest impression possible. For me, that time falls on weekends around 11am & 3pm and weekdays around 1pm & 4:30pm.  (If I post a Facebook status on my personal profile, those are the two times I'll experience the highest amounts of engagement.) Luckily, if you have a fanpage with a decent amount of your personal friends as fans, you can figure out what times your posts get the most reach by doing the following: 1. From your fanpage, go to 'Insights' Insights 2. In your Insights, click on 'Posts' Posts 3. By default, it will show you 'When your fans are online.' To see the times for a specific day, hover over the day you want to see the insights for. When Your Friends Are Online

4. Hashtag the Right Stuff

Easy as cake. For Instagram, briefly look over the top 100 hashtags and tag 2-4 that are relevant for your picture. You'll instantly start racking up likes & engagement. I hate to say it, but I did it with my engagement photo and with only 200 Instagram followers at the time, I pulled over 100 likes & 20+ comments. (I didn't even know half the people who engaged..)

Hashtagging on Instagram


With great marketing, comes great responsibility. So use it in all areas of life that you possibly can. Enjoy. ;)

Have you found yourself using any of these or your own techniques with your friends? Leave a comment with it below!

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