Increase Lead Generation: A Guaranteed, No-Stress Way

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Increase Lead Generation: A Guaranteed, No-Stress Way

Editor’s note: This post was originally published on 12/7/16 and has been updated for accuracy and comprehension.

If you’re still trying to increase lead generation with traditional (or interruption) marketing, you’re doing it all wrong.

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You’ve probably experienced interruption marketing at least once in your life – if not dozens of times.

Here’s how it usually happens:

You sit down to dinner, anticipating every savory bite.

You’re just about to dive into the dish, and…

Your phone rings.

You look at the screen and the number is unknown.

Without even answering the call, you KNOW it’s a telemarketer INTERRUPTING your life.

Now, transfer these feelings onto your customers.

Wow, a telemarketer! I should totally listen and pay attention! Said no one ever.

If you’re crashing their party with unwanted solicitations, you’re guilty of participating in interruption marketing.

Today’s marketing is all about NOT interrupting your audience.

Instead, inbound marketing and sales tactics involve approaching customers who have expressed some level of interest in what you have to offer.

So, let’s all agree to ditch cold-calling, and instead, use inbound marketing tactics to insanely increase lead generation.

Here’s how.

Inbound Marketing And Sales 101

Generating leads is about attracting – and then converting – people who don’t know about your business – as well as prospects – into leads.

Remember, leads are people who are interested (in some way) in your services or products.

To increase lead generation, you need to offer these people “goodies” – or as we call them in the marketing world, “Free Offers,” in the form of discounts and coupons, ebooks, white papers, webinars, etc. – so they get to know you well enough that they are enticed to buy.

How To Increase Lead Generation

How To Increase Lead Generation

  • Make sure your landing page is attractive to your audience.
  • Make sure the form is asking for the right information.
  • Make sure the offer is valuable enough to make people want to share their information to get it.
  • Make sure the Call-to-Action gets noticed.

With this basic understanding of the inbound marketing methodology and how it drives leads and sales, here’s a rundown of how the primary marketing tactics work individually and together:

  • The landing Page. This is basically a special web page you build to attract visitors to your website. The landing page will have a specific goal, such as getting people to sign up for a newsletter, download a free offer, or attend a webinar.
  • The Form. The landing page will host a form that lets people “sign up” for an event or offer. The form features several “fields” of information, like name and email address. People have to give up this information in exchange for the free goodies. (Ask for information, based on the value of the thing(s) you’re giving away. For example, if you’re giving them a checklist, ask only for their first name and email. If you’re giving away a free webinar, ask for a little bit more, such as their industry or title, budget, etc.)

sample form for free offer

  • The offer. This is the carrot on the stick, or free stuff, that you’ll give leads in exchange for their information. The offer must be valuable enough to your audience in order to get them to input their personal information.
  • The call to action. The call to action (or CTA) is some kind of message or button that prompts the audience to take action, such as “fill out the form” or “get the ebook” or “sign up.”

Sample CTA

These four components work together seamlessly to move consumers and prospects through the lead-generation process.

Before The Landing Page

There are other components of the inbound marketing method that nurture your leads BEFORE they arrive on a landing page and move through the lead-generation process. 

Primarily, your blogging and social media posts will get the word out about your business, giving people a non-threatening way to learn about your brand.

After the Call to Action

AFTER prospects fill out a form and give you their email address and name (and perhaps other information), you can now move them into your email workflows, where you can speak more directly and pointedly to their pain points and problems, and offer strategic solutions (YOUR products or services).

Unify your workflow and all your wildest dreams will come true.

Final Thoughts

The key to lead-generation success is to AVOID interrupting consumers, and instead, build a connection that potential customers can respect and trust.

What are the characteristics of a new breed of salesperson?

The characteristics of a new breed of salesperson include:

  1. Putting a focus on serving the client in the best way.
  2. Being honest when you don’t know something.
  3. Build a rapport with a prospect by first building trust.
  4. Going into every conversation prepared.
  5. Being self-aware.
  6. Understanding what your company can handle in terms of timelines and processes.
  7. Learning from your mistakes.

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