How Small Marketing Teams Can Get the Greenlight [Part 2]

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How Small Marketing Teams Can Get the Greenlight [Part 2]

How Your Small Marketing Team Can Get Buy-In From the Boss

  • Back up your ideas with data.
  • Do your homework.
  • Show proof that your ideas can work.

Editor’s note: This post was originally published on 12/18/17 and has been updated for accuracy and comprehension.

There’s a lot you can do within your marketing department to get buy-in from the higher-ups. 

We discussed in depth the steps you can take in part 1 of this small marketing team series

Steps like going slow, doing your due diligence, getting practical, and educating your boss will go a long way.

But there’s one more tip you need to know to get the marketing greenlight.

It’s learning how your boss thinks.

Here’s why.

What The View From The Top Looks Like

Your CEO is tasked with making sure the organization grows and is financially stable. She is consumed with how to generate revenue to keep the company afloat and increasing its share of the market.

Your boss probably got to the top by being successful with specific marketing methods. Reading between the lines, you can assume these methods were traditional marketing tactics.

Right out of the gate, she’s probably going to be resistant to experimenting with “unproven” modern tactics.

But with customer acquisition slowing down and dismal website traffic, she doesn’t have the foresight to identify the real reason why business is slowing down, which is your organization’s outdated marketing tactics.

To make matters worse, with bad numbers, she’s going to be even more risk-averse to trying modern marketing methods.

That’s why you’re getting backlash against producing blog content. Or segmenting your email list.

To your CEO, it makes more sense to blast the entire list. And create direct mail pieces.

How You Can Respond

The first – and most important – thing you can do is simply understand where your boss is coming from.

She’s all about the numbers. Return on investment. Profit margin. And profit share.

She is, by nature, conservative. And risk-averse.

So when you barge into her office proposing significant changes, she’s going to react in a certain way.

If you want to get real traction with your marketing efforts, choosing platforms and practices, identifying resources, and taking action to reach your numbers, you need to use the information you know about where your boss is coming from to get the marketing greenlight.

1. Come With Data.

In fact, if you don’t have data to back up your suggested course of action, don’t come to the table at all.

You won’t convince your CEO to get on board with ideology only.

While you may be tempted to convince her to adopt a social media by saying, Everyone is on LinkedIn, don’t waste your breath.

Instead, show her data that proves its worth, such as a statistic that shows how many LinkedIn users visit a B2B’s website.

Then, take this data a step further. Discuss how having more website visits aligns with the marketing goal of increasing your email list, for example.

2. Come Prepared.

Before you meet with your CEO, do your homework.

You need to arrive at the meeting armed with a comprehensive strategy. Will you need additional resources to accomplish your goals? What will be the cost? How long will the campaigns take?

If you’re going to work with a vendor, look for case studies that show their value.

If you need to invest in marketing automation software, add materials, graphs and statistics to your presentation that show its worth and ROI.

If you’re hiring an agency to fill out your small marketing team, be able to describe the business value of having a specialized team at your disposal, 24/7.

The way to get approval for your marketing plan is to come armed with data, background information and proof to provide context, and then show how you will achieve success.

Final Thoughts

Don’t waste your boss’ time with newfangled, ideological nonsense.

Help her see WHY and HOW new but effective marketing strategies will work to get her on board.

After all, the investment in getting the greenlight will be worth it  – and you’ll have a powerful partner in your corner who sings your praises and backs up your next great idea!

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