How To Launch Your First Digital Offer

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How To Launch Your First Digital Offer


How To Launch Your First Digital Offer

  • Step 1: Validate your idea.
  • Step 2: Create a wait list.
  • Step 3: Build your prospect list.
  • Step 4: Create.
  • Step 5: Get feedback.
  • Step 6: Repeat.

Your best efforts to reach your goals get a boost when you create a digital product, like an online course or webinar.

Launching a digital product gives you revenue wiggle room.

Creating a digital offer allows you to package your expertise into a tangible product countless people can buy.

It’ll boost your revenue potential incrementally, too.

Let’s dive into how you’ll create your first digital offer.


Step 1: Validate Your Idea

Before you dive head-first into creating your digital product, take a step back.

There’s no point in spending hours on all the work it will take to create a course, for example, if you don’t know if your audience wants it.

Validating your idea is an important step in the process you don’t want to skip over.

Do your research. Explore what the market is clamoring after, and follow suit.

You’ll know you’ve landed on a great idea if there is lots of interest in a particular topic but relatively little competition.


That’s where your digital product will really make a bang.

Step 2: Create A Wait List

This may not seem like an important step, but it is.

Creating an email waiting list for people who are interested in a product is another key way you’ll know if there’s enough demand (to make money).

It also builds interest amongst your audience and anticipation.

Step 3: Build Your Prospect List

As you collect email addresses on the landing page for your digital product, you’ll want to also create online content to build awareness.

Consider partnerships and guest blog-posting opportunities.

The more people that promote your blogs, the more people who will visit your website, and become aware of your digital offer.


Step 4: Create

Now comes the fun part.

Once you’ve built your list of email contacts and your social community grows (aim for about several hundred or a thousand followers) you’ve got enough interest to create your digital product/asset.

At this point, it will help to create more valuable content on your blog – because of the size of your audience – and work towards pre-sales.

What should you create?

Focus on something that will teach your audience a specific skill.

If you can highlight a tangible outcome, people will be more likely to get out their wallets and pay for the product.


Step 5: Get feedback

Once you start selling the product to your presale audience, solicit feedback so you can tweak the product and offer it for sale again – using the new and improved, 2.0 version.

Step 6: Repeat

At this point, you can go through the process of building your audience even more (using, for example, referrals from existing customers) and offering the course, video series, or membership site again.

Final Thoughts

With your first digital offer out in the web-iverse and revenue rolling in again, it’s time to create your second product.


Follow these steps, test the market, and create!

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