How to Generate Leads And 10x Results

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How to Generate Leads And 10x Results

How to generate leads

  1. Reverse the buyer's journey
  2. Create various products or services based on the customer lifestyle

When we start working with a client, the biggest questions they often have are: How will you generate leads, and, What results can we expect?

We generally implement two strategies right away that increase our conversions by 6 to 10X return in the first 60 to 90 days.

As a marketing team, your primary goal is to increase the amount of leads your sales team can manage.

If you're an e-commerce company, the strategy may look a little different if you don't have salespeople. Your goal is how to generate leads for purchases.

If this is the case, you’ll need to build your email list, because you'll be able to generate more revenue with more people to go after, more people to prospect, and more people to sell to.

1. Reverse The Buyer’s Journey

With a typical buyer’s journey, the higher your price is, the less people are typically going to purchase your product or service.

The reverse of that is, the lower the prices, the more people are likely to purchase. (This includes free products or services.)

Your customer’s journey likely varies. Some leads are going to ready purchase your services or top-tier products, simply because they’re at that point already. 

Warm leads

But the reality is that most people aren't at this point. You have to nurture them.

And this is where many companies go wrong in their marketing/sales process. 

You try to force everybody into the same stage, when they're not there yet. It would be nice if everyone was ready to pull the trigger, right?

Start thinking about how you can have distinct offers for the different touch points along your buyer’s journey. 

If you have a $100,000 service, what could you utilize to begin drawing people to that stage but in different phases? 

2. Create Various Products Or Services Based On The Customer Lifecycle

You might start out with something free. A free offer is free content in exchange for information, such as name, email and sometimes phone number or other data. For example, an ebook or a webinar.

Your offer could be $500, $5,000, $15 or $100 – the numbers don’t matter. 

What’s important is that you need to start thinking about what you can offer as your customer goes through this reverse buyer’s journey. 

What would they purchase now when they are just getting to know your brand? What would they purchase next? Until they reach your pinnacle product or service?

This is where percentages come into play.

Most ad campaigns and homepages convert at 1% or less. 

One of the most common, expensive mistakes you can make is to put ad dollars into a Google Ad, LinkedIn or Facebook campaign to drive visitors to your homepage. 

But we know that homepages typically convert at less than 1%. 

It would take a hundred visitors to convert one. 

For example, if your product was $500, you’re going to convert 1% of leads sending people to your homepage.

But, if you had a product that was lower priced, and you send them to an optimized landing page, you could get in the range of 6% to 10% conversion.

If you want to really start to amp things up, you need to have a lead magnet or free offer.

This is something you offer for free to leads in exchange for their contact information, which often converta between 20 and 50% – higher than a lower-priced product or service.

If you want to make your sales team happy and close more deals, the best thing you can do is to consider the lifecycle of your customer – and realize that most of them won’t start a relationship with you by purchasing your high-priced products or services.

And if you have different product offerings, whether it’s paid or free, you're going to bring in more business than you can imagine. 

And you're going to grow your email list to the point of being able to always have leads to prospect or potential customers to purchase your products or your services. 

How To Generate Leads In Sales

Think about your services, your sales process, the buyer's journey that your ideal customer would go through. 

What could you create or offer along this journey that would tailor to the people that are not always in this absolute highest ideal buying position?

That’s where you’ll start 10x’ing leads and growing revenue.

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