How a Simple Email Subject Line Change Got 15% Higher Open Rates

June 18, 2018

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How a Simple Email Subject Line Change Got 15% Higher Open Rates

How a Simple Email Subject Line Change Got 15% Higher Open Rates

  • Results of our email subject line test
  • How-to’s for conducting your own email subject line split test

Hopefully, this catchy title caused you to click into this article.

That’s the same function your email subject lines should perform.

Subject lines should pique readers’ curiosity, and cause them to click into your email to read it.

So, they matter – a lot.

We already knew this, and we experiment regularly with subject lines, testing variations that work and then building on those results.

This blog will dive into a recent test we did with our clients’ email newsletters.

The Email Subject Line Test


Caption: The Results

Here’s how the data for this A/B split test breaks down:

In Column A, the emails we sent had a subject line that used the agency name and date.

The average open rate was: 16.56%

In Column B, we sent emails that used the title of the blog (that was inside the email) as subject lines.

The average open rate was: 14.35%

The “A” emails had a better open rate (16.56% compared to 14.35%).

That’s an increase of 15.54% opens!

While this might not seem like a big deal, let’s do the math to find the insight:

If you have 5000 subscribers, a 14.35% open rate means that 717 people opened the email.

A 16.56% open rate means that 828 people took action!

That’s 111 more people that engaged with your brand.

And that’s a big deal.

Imagine if, over the course of several months, you continuously improved your email subject lines, with between 100-150 opening those emails.

That’s a lot more engaged audience members – and more people that will grow to like and trust you – and ultimately buy from you.

Conducting Your Own Split Test

Do you have a hunch about your audience, and what they would respond to?

Test it!

For the next email you plan to send, do a split test. This simply means that you will use one subject line for a portion of your contacts, and a second subject line for the other portion.

Send the emails and then analyze the results.

Take what you learn about the subject lines and apply those insights to the next emails you send.

Rinse and repeat!

Have you tried split-testing email subject lines? What works for your audience and industry?

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