To the Keynote Speaker Who Will Settle for Nothing Less Than Success

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To the Keynote Speaker Who Will Settle for Nothing Less Than Success

Benefits of Outsourcing Your Marketing

  1. You can put your focus on what you know.
  2. You’ll save money.
  3. You’re working with people who know what’s up.
  4. They’re committed to ongoing optimization.
  5. Marketing agencies have access to the latest technologies.

When you have too many irons in the fire, something always gets burnt.

Juggling your speaking career (and the travel it requires)  with maintaining a family/personal life is enough.

Add in handling your own marketing and you have a recipe for disaster – in this case, major burn-out.

Something’s gotta give.

You might be thinking, I’m busy enough as it is. Is marketing myself even that important?

We’re going to answer that question (Hint: It’s a big, fat YES) and show you why it just makes sense to leave your marketing to the pros.

Why You Still Need Marketing

It may seem counter-intuitive to keep selling yourself when you’re already swamped.

But there’s a simple truth at the heart of why your marketing efforts NOW matter.

Here it is: What you do today will drive your career in the future.

Busy today doesn’t equal busy tomorrow.

Look at the marketing you do now as an investment in the time to come.

So, you get it. Consistently selling yourself is crucial.

Here’s why you should leave the HOW to the experts.

Benefits of outsourcing your marketing

The right tools make any task easier and an outside marketing team is like a Swiss Army knife – it does it all.

Check out these advantages.

1. You can put your focus on what you know

Time is always at a premium and you’re too busy to do it all.

Working with an outside marketing team allows you to spend your time developing your own materials, like books and other products that will further your influence and increase your revenue.

You’re the subject-matter expert. Let someone else concentrate on the marketing aspects.

2. You’ll save money


As a keynote speaker, chances are, you can’t afford to employ a staff of marketers.

Using an agency gives you access to the expertise of an entire team at a cost that’s less than the salary of one full-time worker.

Bottom line, you can do more with less.

3. You’re working with people who know what’s up

Even if you had the know-how, you don’t have the time to devote to marketing that professionals do. Creating strategies that are perfectly suited to you and your products and services is their full-time job.

An expert can help get your name to the top of speaking lists, expand your reach beyond speaking gigs and create an independent income stream.

Many digital marketing agencies have an area of expertise. Find one that puts emphasis on keynote speakers – they’ll already know how to achieve results.

4. They’re committed to ongoing optimization

Your marketing agency knows that if they want to keep your business, they have to constantly prove ROI.

You won’t have to worry that your campaign is going to go stagnant because they will always be optimizing your strategy.

5. Marketing agencies have access to the latest technologies


Your marketing partners will use the newest technology to bring attention to your brand and increase the amount of speaking gigs you land.

They can also help you get a higher price for your books and other materials.

Final Thoughts

Trying to increase your revenue, write books, get more speaking engagements, travel, market yourself, and make sure your friends and family remember what you look like is hard.

It’s darn near impossible.

When you realize you don’t HAVE to do it all and you can concentrate on what you do best and leave the heavy marketing lifting to an expert agency, you can breathe a big sigh of relief.

Find marketing partners who specialize in furthering the careers of keynote speakers like you.

Are you ready to turn over your marketing to experts who can get you results?

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