A Great Giveaway Landing Page Is The Missing Ingredient For Crazy-Good Results

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A Great Giveaway Landing Page Is The Missing Ingredient For Crazy-Good Results

5 Components Of An Effective Giveaway Landing Page

  1. Impactful headlines and sensible subheads.
  2. Captivating copy.
  3. Outstanding creatives.
  4. A straightforward entry form.
  5. Opportunities to earn extra entries.

Ahh, the good old giveaway landing page.

Everyone knows about those, right?

If you’re an ecommerce business owner who’s ready to launch a giveaway, it’s pretty important knowledge to have.

Not too sure that a landing page is an essential part of the process? 

Keep reading, because there’s a lot you need to know so you can run a successful giveaway that gets the results you’re counting on.

We’ll start with the most important questions and then get into the nitty gritty.

Do I Really Need A Giveaway Landing Page?

Yes. You really do.

Giveaway landing pages have a simple goal: Get people to enter your giveaway.

Their purpose is to get visitors excited enough about winning that they keep scrolling to find out all the juicy details.

By the time they reach your CTA, they’re ready to enter.

Maybe you’re wondering why your website’s home page and/or blogs can’t do double duty and announce your giveaway.

It’s because they’re too busy! They’re full of other signups, social sharing buttons, and a lot of other distractions that can pull visitors’ attention away from entering the giveaway.

Now that we’re all settled that your giveaway requires a landing page, let’s talk about what this important tool should include.

What Info Does My Giveaway Landing Page Need?

There are five components of an effective giveaway landing page.

Check ‘em out!

1. Impactful Headlines And Sensible Subheads

Of course, powerful headlines are always necessary and your giveaway landing page is no different.

Nab your readers’ attention right off the bat. You only have 1-2 seconds before they move on to something else if you don’t grab them.

Your subheadings have a couple purposes. Once is to break up the copy. Nobody wants to read a long paragraph of what they will probably assume is gobbledygook. 

You also want subheadings that make sense, guiding the reader down the page so they can scan it easily. It’s not the place for cute and clever; you’ve got a job to do – get giveaway entries!

2. Captivating Copy

You’ve got one page to make your visitors want to join your giveaway. Use it wisely.

Use your storytelling skills to hit readers’ pain points. Use emotional words to show them what a world with the prize you’re offering will look like.

Make them feel like you’re offering them a solution – because, after all, you are!

3. Outstanding Creatives

This is where you show your readers the prize(s) they can win. 

You want images that are crisp, clean, and without a lot of unnecessary elements. 

If you’re on your own for product photography, don’t fret. There are some great tutorials out there that can help, including this one from HubSpot.

4. Straightforward Entry Form

If you make your prospective giveaway enter-ers jump through too many hoops, they may get frustrated and not follow through.

Make it simple to enter and provide clear instructions for the way the giveaway will work.

Another good rule of thumb is to avoid asking for too much personal information. In most cases, an email address should suffice.

5. Earn Extra Entries

There are a ton of options to offer the people who enter your giveaway additional chances to win – and they’re good for you, too.

For example, you can offer 10 extra entries for sharing the giveaway with a friend. Give them 5 extras for checking out your Facebook page. 

Get creative and use the chance to put their name in the virtual hat multiple times as a way to get people hyped up about winning.

(Gleam and Upviral are both good tools for managing your giveaway entries!)

While your mind is spinning about all the awesome ideas you have for your new giveaway landing page, let’s look at some examples.

Get Some Ideas From These Landing Pages

Check out some giveaway landing pages that are getting it right.


This example has beautiful imagery, clearly provides the most important information about the giveaway, and doesn’t have a lot of unnecessary distractions.


As you can see here, your landing page doesn’t have to be long! Short and sweet is great, too, as long as your copy is clear and your imagery is on point.

For Kids By Kids

The photography really stands out in this example. And all the info you need is right there, easy to find.

Final Thoughts

Follow these tips to create a giveaway landing page that draws people in and makes them want to be a lucky winner.

Don’t forget the five most important elements to include: 

  1. Impactful headlines and sensible subheads.
  2. Captivating copy.
  3. Outstanding creatives.
  4. A straightforward entry form.
  5. Opportunities to earn extra entries.

Grow your email list and leverage those new followers to eventually increase your revenue in the future.

Need help with your next giveaway? Not sure where to begin? We’re here to help you get the most out of your giveaway efforts.

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