Get To Know The Flight Media Team: Maja Jaredic-Neidert

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Get To Know The Flight Media Team: Maja Jaredic-Neidert

At Flight Media, we love our team.

The best part is that we’re all unique in our ages, backgrounds and even in the strengths we put to work for our clients every day.

We have people in Montenegro, Canada and the United States. Pretty cool.

Some of us are very young. Some are in-between. And some prefer not to talk about it, thank you very much. 😉

The most interesting part of our team is a dog. (You can read about Maxwell’s adventures in our office here.) 

Caption: This is not Maxwell. Also, this talented internet dog was not harmed in the creation of this blog.

We’re happy to be known as an equal-opportunity employer. 🐶

Just like we enjoy getting to know the clients we work with, we want you to get to know us, too. 

Our marketing director agreed to answer some of the most ridiculous questions just for you.

Without further ado, meet Maja Jaredic-Neidert, our lovely inside-and-out, hard-working, filler-of-email-inboxes, Montenegrin girl-boss. (If you swear by the Enneagram, she’s an equal mix of 7 and 8.)

Check out the video and keep reading afterwards for more of Maja.

Question And Answer Time

  1. If you had to be shipwrecked on a deserted island, but all your human needs were taken care of, what two items would you want to have with you?

         Answer: “An iPad so I can get all my books on it. Something to style my hair with               so I look cute.”

  1. What would the name of your debut album be?

         Answer: “She’s a Rock Star” (Very fitting for our Maja!)

  1. Rate yourself on a scale of 1 to 10 how weird you are. 1 being not weird at all and 10 being the weirdest weirdo.

         Answer: “8 ½. I can be pretty normal, when needed. ”

  1. If you died, what would you want your eulogy to say about you?

         Answer: “I’m not here. I’m somewhere in the ocean. Hopefully, I’m somewhere                 with fish or I come back as a mermaid.” 

  1. What were you like in high school?

Answer: “I was very much into rock ‘n roll, so you could see me at any and every rock concert we had in our city. Usually, I had to argue a lot with my parents to get permission to go. I very much wanted to be in a band, but I’m not equipped with a good singing voice at all and I don’t have enough patience to learn how to play an instrument. But it was still a big dream. I skipped classes quite a lot, but I was always an A and B student. So there was a discrepancy between my professors loving that I was a good student, but they were very upset with me for skipping classes.”

  1. What was the last thing you watched on TV?

Answer: “Stand-up. I watch stand-up obsessively now on Netflix and the last one that I watched was The Dave Chapelle Show. I recently discovered him and I think he’s my new favorite Ohioan now” (Ouch!)

  1. If Hollywood made a movie about your life, who would play you?

        Answer: “Jennifer Lawrence. I think she’s a good 8.5 weirdo, as well.”

  1. Superman or Batman – who wins in a fight?

        Answer: “Batman. I’ve always been a Batman girl.”

  1. If you could trade places with any person – famous, not famous, living, dead, fictional, or real – who would it be?
    Answer: “A combination: Iron Man/Batman/Wonder Woman.” 
  1. How good of an interviewer am I? 1-The worst, 10- This is the best interview of my life

        Answer: “This is the best interview of my life. You’re my Oprah. I’m not very open              about my private life on social media (which is funny because of what we do), so              this is an exclusive.”

  1. What’s your favorite thing about what you do at Flight Media?
    Answer: “People. I love working with people. I love the creativity of our work, I love working with our clients because it’s so awesome to see our work bringing results and us helping someone achieve their dreams and reach their goals. It’s so motivating and inspiring. ”

Get in touch and let Maja and the rest of the Flight Media team help you take your business to the next level. 

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