Flight Media’s Off-the-Hook 2019 Holiday Party

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Flight Media’s Off-the-Hook 2019 Holiday Party

It wasn’t your grandma’s office holiday party.

You know, the kind you dread going to because you don’t want to see “those people” in your downtime?

That couldn’t be further from the truth when it comes to our parties.

At Flight Media, we have a way of bringing a little something unique to our get-togethers and our 2019 holiday party was no different.

It was full of food, folks and fun and it was held at one of our team members’ homes.

Check it out.


Most parties focus on the food, right? 

In that respect, our party WAS a little bit like your grandma’s because the food was grandma-level-good.

Ham, potatoes, vegetables (brussels sprouts, even!), snacks, desserts – all the staples that make a dinner great.

Our party had it all.

But even better than the food is what happens while you’re sharing a meal together.


Eating together is a chance for everyone to relax and talk about life and other stuff that’s not all about work. 

You have the opportunity to get to know the people you work with on a deeper level, including spouses and significant others.

We have a team made up of diverse personalities, ages, and backgrounds. But we have fun together and that’s key.

The more comfortable you are with the people you work with, the better you’re able to unite toward a common vision when you’re at work.

The downside to our team being so geographically diverse is that we aren’t able to ALL be together for our party. With team members in Canada and Montenegro, we miss out on their company.



No holiday party is complete without a gift exchange, right?

This is one way that our remote people can be a part of the fun. 

A few weeks before Christmas, we exchange names to buy gifts for each other. It’s always entertaining to see who got whose name and what treasures everyone finds for each other.

Another part of Flight Media’s off-the-clock culture is playing games.

It’s also where things get intense.

This year involved a pretty wicked ping-pong tournament and a card game that involves a lot of yelling.

Some of us enjoy the yelling games more than others. Some of us cower in the background and refuse to play. 

It’s all good. Diversity, remember?

Everyone’s favorite part of the evening is when our Big Cheese gives his annual speech. 

He takes the time to say a little something about each of us and it’s both hilarious and meaningful. (It’s important to make sure your team knows how appreciated their efforts are.)

It’s fun, for sure, but it’s about so much more.


Final Thoughts

The bottom line is that celebrating together forms bonds and creates relationships that bolster our efforts in the office.

At Flight Media, one of our core values is “We have fun.” We’re really good at it, too.

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