Ain’t No Team Building Like Flight Media’s Team Building

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Ain’t No Team Building Like Flight Media’s Team Building

We’ve been busy.

At Flight Media, one of our core values is, “We have fun.”

We take that very seriously.

One of the ways we work toward fulfilling this core value is through team building.

Before you groan and roll your eyes, you have to understand that team building doesn’t have to be lame. Or boring. Or all-around terrible.

When you do activities that everyone can rally around, you’ll get near 100% participation.  (There’s always ONE!)

Here are the team-building activities we’ve been doing recently to promote engagement, buy-in, and cooperation – which ultimately boosts our quality of work-life and productivity.

MTV Cribs

Our Content Director wanted to channel her youth, so she came up with the idea that we should all make an MTV Cribs-type video to share to get to know each other better.

Some of us were more on board than others, but it turned out to be a fun activity and our whole team did a great job.

It was interesting to see everyone’s unique personalities shine through in the way they presented their home/private life.

Some were funny, some were straight-forward – and none of them were cringe-y.

HubSpot Video

Wellness Challenge

Okay, so a Wellness Challenge may not strictly qualify as “fun.” But at Flight Media, we can make just about anything a good time.

We did two different one-month challenges.

The first one involved everyone coming up with two or three personal areas they wanted to work on.

For example, a certain amount of exercise every day, giving up an “unhealthy” food for the month, or setting aside time for meditation.

Enough of us enjoyed the challenge that we decided to do a Movement Challenge for the following month.

We came up with a list of activities and assigned each a point value.

For example, walking up and down the stairs earned five points, working standing up for 10 minutes was good for 10 points, and walking up and down the hallway was worth a couple.

There was a winner at the end of the month – the person who racked up the most points.

Done alone – boring and not fun. 

Done together – F-U-N.

Side note: Some of us were driven by a desire to simply participate, while others thrive on the cut-throat competition. 😏I won’t say who was in it for the latter...

EPIC Team Retreat

You can catch a full run-down of our trip here, but suffice it to say, we had a ball in the hills of Tennessee.


We worked on a company vision for the new year, played games, ate out, explored, and learned some new things to help us be better than ever in 2020.

The best part of the retreat was getting to spend time with most of our remote team members who came from Canada and Montenegro. 

There’s a lot of value in taking the time away to invest in strengthening the internal side of your business.


While it’s a tool, not an event, it’s still one of our best team-building platforms.

We use Slack as our inter-company communication medium, but it’s so much more.

It’s a place where we can share funny memes on our Shenanigans channel, encouragement through our High-Five channel, and keep a record of our most quotable quotes on our Quote channel.


These little communications day-to-day play a big role in fostering relationships among our team members, whether it’s between the person sitting across the table from you or the ones in another country.


Like most offices, we celebrate birthdays. 

But we also acknowledge “Flight-versaries” – or how many years someone has worked at Flight Media.

We make being a part of this team a big deal – because it is.

It’s a fun way to show people how important they are and that they’re appreciated.

Final Thoughts

From MTV Cribs to epic retreats and Flight-versaries, we find ways to make our team gel and it shows in the way we work together.

No matter what kind of team you have, find ways to make sure you’re finding ways to bond – in and out of the office.

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