Ecommerce Marketing: 5 Budget-Friendly Strategies To Drive Sales

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Ecommerce Marketing: 5 Budget-Friendly Strategies To Drive Sales

Did you know that by 2021, 65% of online users are expected to have made at least one online purchase? It’s evident that the ecommerce industry is set to thrive. 

If you run an ecommerce brand, that should lift your spirits.



However, you can’t count on the growth of the industry alone to get more customers. You need to constantly work on your marketing strategy to reach out to your target market.

Not sure if you have the budget to fund marketing campaigns often? 

Well, there is a way around it.

If you play your cards right, you can even attract audiences with a tiny budget. In this article, we’ll take a look at some budget-friendly marketing tactics that can help you grow your ecommerce business.

How To Promote Your Ecommerce Business On A Budget

Marketing isn’t about how much money you can pump in to get more visibility. It’s all about thinking creatively to get the most bang for your buck. 

Here is how you can make your dollars go a long way to amplify your ecommerce marketing campaigns.

1. Leverage Instagram’s Shoppable Feature

It’s no secret that social media can help you get more traction online. But that’s not all. You can directly boost your sales with shoppable posts on Instagram.

For the uninitiated, Shoppable posts enable you to directly tag your products on Instagram. When a user taps on the product sticker, they can get more details about that particular product. The best part is they can also make a purchase directly within the platform.

Even when a user orders a product, they get notified about the delivery status in the Instagram app itself. For retail businesses, Shoppable posts can be a game changer. It can go a long way to help drive sales.

Example of Instagram's Shoppable feature

Image via PCMag 

2. Work With Niche Influencers

Don’t have a huge following? Collaborate with an influencer to reach out to their followers. Influencers work hard to build a good rapport with their followers. 

If they recommend a brand, their followers are likely to take notice. They have the power to influence consumer perception and purchase decisions.

Not sure if you can afford working with a high-tier influencer? You don’t have to. Micro- and nano-influencers are great for businesses that want to get visibility while on a small budget. 

Typically, these influencers have fewer followers than mega influencers. However, they cater to an engaged audience. If you’re on a tight budget, find a micro- or nano-influencer in your niche. 

You can also offer access to exclusive events or provide free products to negotiate a deal on a tight budget. Influencer marketing is an industry that doesn’t have a fixed pricing structure. 

If you are skilled at persuasion and are offering value to the influencer, you can get a good deal without burning a hole in your pocket.

3. Organize A Social Media Giveaway

Who doesn’t love a gift? Giveaways are a great way to get users to participate in a contest and give them a freebie in return. Because you're offering something, users are likely to be motivated to engage with you.

Through giveaways, you can promote your business to a large audience. In addition to this, you can get more followers, boost your engagement rate, and increase your brand visibility. It’s one of the smartest, most inexpensive, and effective ways to promote your ecommerce brand.

To run a Twitter or Instagram giveaway, you don’t need a big budget. All you need to do is to create a social media post outlining the rules of participation. 

Just make sure that you offer a reward that justifies the effort that users have to put in. It could be a bunch of your products paired together, event invites, or loyalty points.

Take inspiration from American subscription service, FabFitFun. 

They organize giveaways regularly to promote their brand in a budget-friendly way. As you can see in the screenshot below, they also use branded hashtags to drive brand awareness.

Example of Instagram giveaway

Image via Instagram

4. Run UGC (User-Generated Content) Campaigns

One of the best ways to promote your products online is to let your customers become your brand ambassadors. Their words come across as genuine and help you add social proof online. This can go a long way in gaining credibility and boosting your brand reputation.

Not sure how to turn your customers into your brand advocates?

Encourage them to create content that promotes you. You can feature such user-generated content on your social media pages as well as websites. A UGC campaign can help you create buzz around your brand online without much effort or time investment.

For their UGC campaign, Forever 21 encourages all their customers to post photos with their products online. When they tag the brand in their photos, they get a chance that Forever 21 will feature them on their Instagram profile.

Example of user-generated content

Image via Instagram

Pro Tip: Use advanced tools for social media marketing to find the best hashtags for your UGC campaigns.

5. Build An Online Community

If you want to get more leads and boost sales, you need to focus on building an online following of like-minded people. But remember, the purpose is not to promote your products directly. Instead, the focus should be on creating a space where people can discuss anything related to your niche.

For instance, Sephora has created a special Beauty Insider community where people can ask beauty-related questions, and get recommendations. 

Example of ecommerce marketing strategy, online community

Image via Sephora

Through such a community, you can also collect UGC for your social media platforms. Additionally, you can post relevant blog posts to drive traffic to your site as well. 

Final Thoughts

Promoting your ecommerce business doesn’t have to break your bank account. Even with a modest budget, you can do a lot to get more leads, engagement, and boost your sales. 

From leveraging UGC campaigns, Shoppable posts, and giveaways to building an online community, there’s a lot you can do. You can also work with micro- and nano-influencers to get more traction.

Now that you know the tricks of the trade, what are you waiting for? It’s time to get started with these budget-friendly growth strategies.

How to market your ecommerce business on a budget

  1. Leverage Instagram's Shoppable feature.
  2. Work with niche influencers.
  3. Organize a social media giveaway.
  4. Run user-generated content campaigns.
  5. Build an online community.

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